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Ohio - BIOS 1000 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > Ohio - BIOS 1000 - Class Notes - Week 8

Ohio - BIOS 1000 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: Ohio University
Department: Engineering
Course: Animal Diversity
Professor: Patrick Hassett
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Bio, Biology, animal, animals, Diversity of Life, Animal Science, Animal communication, worms, and symbiosis mutualism commensalism parasitism consortium lichens mycobiont photobiont germfree gnotobiotic ruminant fermentation primary secondary endpsymbionts aphids termites shipworms corals
Name: week 8 notes 3/5-3/9
Description: Notes the week before spring break!!
Uploaded: 03/20/2018
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Unformatted text preview: CV ADAPTATIONS Smooth Juraces are difficult to greip also pPotrets marties that cover Shells in Alamingo tungue shi L co wie spires & Projections make handling digficult Thickening s hell opening strengthens tem adairvist a Hack. Corrugations (teeth a long pening reduce size ob opening. Ravs op productions make it hard for k help anchop WDipping k adds weight Projee tions also provide sebility yhede in jand.' Also hard ! Fish to swallow w projectionsEkposupe to yun is a problem bor mutidal molluskes - Tpor Unelos often: - (ght Celopeel mope pointed oliinted towarels Sun can keep Shell 5-6 C sun exposure Lidges of shell can increase Surface area to alla pe-reidiation heat In turo * Limpers zone drog is an importail Faetor built to withstand gerater stres s Han Strongist wares uill inpa t. Last tactoe to be considered is Predation Predator : Oxstor dels Oyster drill in 'hels Uses kadu la to drill holes t przy, on other mollusks Predator : Vauytullinane pinders bex urb claus chip dwy at opening Bleu Predamo je". Aisha Suve in awe a tooth to inip at YhelisBodiveste - Mandul of sand --- UK in a wardhur 33 16 Phylum Amelida - "Mitte vaims > yaymorikeel . 13 Quer marine 2 . lamented Setae (chaetae) diten present beistes many habitats k Kirjestyles. een Voung baru beistlus Perista\sis - longitudinal inching movement. Biological contributions -Biotu ba tops- Qerate k inurray drainage og bil - Recycle nutrients poop Reattaterment of limbs % frse a laten by many others - kuy inyood chain Fish pait ocean Important animals in deep

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