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GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 10

Created by: Marcela Montoya Elite Notetaker

> > > > GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 10

GSU - PHYS 2212 - Class Notes - Week 10

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: OTHER
Course: Principles of Physics II
Professor: Durach
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Physics
Name: Week 10
Description: Physics 2 notes, chapter 30
Uploaded: 03/25/2018
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Unformatted text preview: genankor 15-a device that transforms mechoni cal enegy 'oto electrical energy - Ecol: un dem -ABN d. (cos wt) : ILEYS - Iscend: Am - M, N*A_ Color _ used is Cucul tuposc m. sae. mithuru u luu is cellado 14 colud on inductor ------_tyyn-kurut symbool Corsalinduss - Inside o Sol need to magm.he field strengthss._!: PONI| n LC Circuil is an electric oscillator - Try Charge on 14 upper plate is__0: Qocoswt. d w : f - -- Chapter 30 To Use Faraday's law, integrak around a Claws Celec Vadius r. 3/20/18 SE:d : Am E *\ | -me"| de Thus tk Strength HL Induced elecinc field inside ou Selenoid is ----Eins le Cliccer questions san ch 35 ode_fron. pag 4. The magnetic feld is decreasy. Which is tue Induwes cue.ctic fiet? Faraday's law may be wrhen as: - den - Changing the magnehc field.indvus a Circular exctric field Changing tu cvectrc Geld indvus a Circular magnetic fick electromagnetic waves Vem were Jeopo viced would travel Maxwell computed that an electrowegweic were , with Speed Vem wove = 3.X10 mes Light is an electro mag nehu wave

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