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GSU - BIOL 2108 - Class Notes - Week 7

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> > > > GSU - BIOL 2108 - Class Notes - Week 7

GSU - BIOL 2108 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: Engineering
Course: Principles of Biology II
Professor: Gwendolyn Carroll
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: GramPositive, GramNegative, methanogens, and extremophiles
Name: Biology II Week 7
Description: These notes cover bacteria and archaea
Uploaded: 03/29/2018
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Unformatted text preview: *Gulot Transfer vides diversi t f r asexual Prokaryoks - Trans formation take up from environment Recombinant - Changes genotype am ymalmes phenotype - Conjugation - Transfer from another Prokaryolc using sex pili (plasmids ) - Transcuchon V rus to pro kayote *Trans faced is the Structure wn le conferred is what is given * Which one is also undergoing horronte | Tronstad a Kllos ella pnevmon sa - opportunishe * b) Pseudomonos aeruginosa - in water IC) NUsseria gonorrhea - norporates Luo WODNA1NHO itself * Bacteria. ONLY have 1 Chromosome rod bacteris on exontole of natural Se lechon because yne oraan sm was placilo on on 00 ot Date and tipinim WOS introduced which alled owserutning licent Lor the rog cockr not was res stort ts a lot of different thingsClassikation of Prokaryotes Eubacteria - True Bockana." O Gum fshe Diplo Coccus 5 Clades of Lubochnia D Proko palermo - Oram-nloahve sro 2 Chlamydias- lado en umes; lowp pndor lucon; Game 3) Spirochekes-betalhekurtrophs; eniocellular Polo Cuandocula-photoorruphs 5) tam-DOSAKUC Backuria-rodshapes lenbspoo Endos Dod - one copy of a replicated Chromosome That is surrounded bu a durable wall; lacks nutrien Coormant for centaines); makes Yhim harder to kilinne ANTHRAXEndos pores, occurs most frequently in gramo bacteria * Video of Enbsport Formahon probrotos vs. Antibiotics - cunt boules to the good inhibit the. arunth of Dockruar flora microorganisms -Dromokos healthy mily-onbinally from Funan funchon Tetracycline-Egyptian mummy Fik is due cultura . Punais - tuo colly has to do with the digestive Fincan Droients formation of cross-Links - can also Damon in piphidoglycan (weakers call all or reduce yn sever A Narrow Splittrum of colds and flu" - - Onl Skroun or the other helps fant, but it does t upically gram not actually trade wih Tetraciclme the immune Suollm i nker fexts with prokun Calso helps with alkraya Sunthess. disorders; ecuma, Youfour Bood Spectrum - boxin Stains K ain why puoicillin does net work against Lime Osease or Chamydia. - Boolin oron negative call wall complex Expain wnu penicillin aed Lekrocucline do not work Nouns cluentin.. Virus-No Depkidoglucan or sunt des S OPDECain

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