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UCONN - MATH 1071 - Class Notes - Week 8

Created by: Boying Ji Elite Notetaker

> > > > UCONN - MATH 1071 - Class Notes - Week 8

UCONN - MATH 1071 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: Engineering
Course: Mathematics for Economics and Business Analysis
Professor: Jessica Todd
Term: Fall 2015
Name: Math 1071 week8
Description: These notes are important for exam
Uploaded: 03/30/2018
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Unformatted text preview: A good time How to find obedhte mar or min on ) when I & differentiable compact: (1 ,la kJ) tundian Evalue for a criticd value. 2. The ayjest of Evakke fata and b. Shas - these is abante (J When s not compact Iraw graph of t, Search ans the gropa te _existence of an absolute max point_chd ot. an mai | EX: Find the akullte estrena of tarzzeitige Neon E-1, Sol: Fis) 1272 24X = 128 ( x +X-1 = 12x cat1x4) (vitical value : X-0, 15-3, X-l. not in the inter bal -flo) absolute max f) - 4 f(-1) =12 .E absolute min.A good time - let f: R R 3 fix) = e = f's not compact Find abol; max and vin col: Drans Graph. O Dorajp - R | -intercept a r - D *- p y- meeert - to ze -/ 3_k er >6 7 line Y=0 is horizontd lim. e** 91 agymrt. P Vertical asy mptotes : DNE (ag broinf-R D f'ax)=e**. ;*) sex (3) flav= 0 for x=0. X--A good time 515 Absdute Extrema (6) fez e-** Find the abslwte Extil m . Sl; f'is) = -2X. fals ze 2x2) f' 20. for 2x2=0, so for B So, X= N Table X fta F"(42 fex) to 0 1e |N JO UN ANU inflctap mak Haflektion study soup () Graph: man 7hflection smftertion * Abdute w mak : 1 min : VNE

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