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FIU - PHY 2048 - Class Notes - Week 13

Created by: Nadia Lupiano Elite Notetaker

> > > > FIU - PHY 2048 - Class Notes - Week 13

FIU - PHY 2048 - Class Notes - Week 13

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background image Equilibrium CH 11 Saturday, March 24, 2018 10:58 PM     CH 11 Page 1    
background image A uniform ladder 5.0 m long rests against a frictionless,  vertical wall with its lower end 3.0 from the wall. The  ladder weighs 160 N . The coefficient of static friction  between the foot of the ladder and the ground is 0.40. man weighing 740 N climbs slowly up the ladder. What is the maximum frictional force that the 
ground can exert on the ladder at its lower end?
What is the actual frictional force when the 
man has climbed
1.0 m along the ladder How far along the ladder can the man climb before 
the ladder starts to slip?
    CH 11 Page 2    

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School: Florida International University
Department: Physics
Term: Fall 2017
Name: Chapter 11, equilibrium
Description: These notes cover torque and forces in equilibrium
Uploaded: 03/30/2018
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