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UW / Communications / COM 201 / How can couples improve communication?

How can couples improve communication?

How can couples improve communication?


Dating, marriage, and love: To do and not to do 

How can couples improve communication?


● Cauley, Kashana, “We’re only one day apart in age, but our generational differences killed our relationship,”

● Konnikova, Maria, “Casual sex: Everyone is doing it,”

● Schwartz, Alexandra, “Esther Perel lets us listen in on couples’ secrets,” ● Barkan, Ross, “Would you like to sit on my bed with me and check Twitter?”

Definition of communication

4 qualities of communication

Class framework (person, public, powerful)


● Cultural narrative

● Counter narratives

● Problems with… (Konnikova)

○ Convenience sampling

○ Self-selection

○ Self-report


● Symbols

What are the five contexts of communication?

○ Arbitrary and conventionalized

● Social norms regarding language use

● Meme

● Perel’s podcast about couples (Schwartz)


● Goals of dating apps

● Dialectical tension and turning points

● Costs and benefits of online relationships

Living our lives online 


● Konnikova, Maria, “The limits of friendship,”

● Konnikova, Maria, “The psychology of online comments,”

● Vara, Vauhini, “The nuances of threats on Facebook,”

● Konnikova, Maria, “How Facebook makes us unhappy,”

Social networks

● Definition of social networks

● Dunbar numbers

What is a relational identity?

○ What they are and what they mean

○ Online and offline

Situational factors

● Differences between online and offline relationships ○ Synchronicity

○ Physiological effects of touch Don't forget about the age old question of What are the basic beliefs of theravada buddhism?

○ Online disinhibition effect

● Anonymity

● Content

● Nonverbal communication

○ Kinesics

○ Proxemics

○ Vocalics

○ Appearance and adornment

● Social norms

○ Online and offline


● Types of research used by Dunbar

● Triangulation

● Causation vs correlation

Relationships and identity: how we live and how we’re studied 


● Konnikova, Maria, “How a gay-marriage study went wrong,” ● Sorkin, Amy Davidson, “A faulty ‘gay parenting’ study,” ● Parker, Ian, “What makes a parent?”


● Aristotle’s definition

○ His view of rhetoric (good, bad?)

○ 5 canons and rhetoric

■ What are they and who popularized them

○ 3 artistic proofs

■ What are they, who created them


● Definition

● Scientific misconduct

● Falsification of data

● Henrietta lacks (why is this important)

Research validity

Quantitative and qualitative research

Survey research (Regnerus case) Don't forget about the age old question of What is the importance of derivatives in a differential equation?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the structure of most cycloalkane?

● Qualities of a good survey question

Discourse analysis

Communication and context 


● Collins, Lauren, “The French counter strike against work email,” ● Rothman, Joshua, “Big data comes to the office,”

● Konnikova, Maria, “The open-office trap,”

● Vara, Vauhini, “Quiet riot,”


● History of open office concept

○ Related to communication

○ Outcome of the design

● Psychological model of communication

Control of communication across contexts

● Communication at work

● Misconceptions about nonverbal cues

● Work and life balance and boundaries

● Manoush Zomorodi’s Bored and brilliant

● FCC’s role in communication

● Encapsulated groups

● Texting statistics (specific!)

Communication strategies for relationships


● Information exchange

● Orientation toward self-centered or other-centered goals Strategies for managing conflict

● Competing

● Avoiding

● Accommodating

● Compromising

● Collaborating


● Criticism We also discuss several other topics like How to recognize baroque art?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is extreme psychosis?
Don't forget about the age old question of Where si the nasal side of the eye located?

● Demands

● Cumulative annoyance

● Rejection

Serial arguments

● Repeating

● mutual hostility

● assurances

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