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Texas State - MGT 3303 - Class Notes - Week 11

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Texas State - MGT 3303 - Class Notes - Week 11

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background image Chapter 11: Motivating People
Motivation­ forces that energize, direct, and sustain a person’s efforts
Manager must motivate people to: 1. Join the organization 2. Remain in the organization
3. Come t work regularly
4. Perform
5. Exhibit good citizenship
Goal­Setting Theory­ conscious goals that energize them and direct their thoughts and 
behaviors toward a particular end (SMART goals)
Stretch Goals­ targets that are particularly demanding, sometimes even thought to be impossible
Law of Effect­ a law formulated by Edward Thorndike in 1911 stating that behavior that is 
followed by positive consequences will likely be repeated 
Reinforcers­ positive consequences that motivate behavior
Organizational Behavior Modification (OB MOD)­ the application of reinforcement theory in 
organizational settings
Positive Reinforcement­ applying a consequence that increases the likelihood of a person 
repeating the behavior that led to it
­ Manager says “good job” Negative Reinforcement­ removing or withholding an undesirable consequence ­ Manager doesn’t criticize it Punishment­ administering an aversive consequence ­ Manager gives reprimand  Extinction­ withdrawing or failing to provide a reinforcing consequence ­ Manager offers no praise Expectancy Theory­ a theory proposing that people will behave based on their perceived 
likelihood that their effort will lead to a certain outcome and on how highly they value that 
outcome ­ Expectancy: employees’ perception of the likelihood that their efforts will enable  them to attain their performance goals
background image ­ Instrumentality: the perceived likelihood that performance will be followed by a  particular outcome ­ Valence: the value an outcome holds for the person contemplating it Maslow’s Need Hierarchy­ a human needs theory postulating that people are motivated to 
satisfy unmet needs in a specific order
­ Self­actualization ­ Ego
­ Social
­ Safety
­ Physiological
Alderfer’s ERG Theory­ a human needs theory postulating that people have three basic sets of 
needs that can operate simultaneously
­ Existence needs: all materials and physiological desires ­ Relatedness needs: involve relationships with other people and are satisfies through  the process of mutually sharing thoughts and feelings ­ Growth needs: motivate people to productively or creatively change themselves or  their environment  McClelland Said Managers Seek Achievement, Affiliation, and Power Need for Achievement­ a strong orientation toward accomplishment and an obsession  with success and goal attainment  Need for Affiliation­ a strong desire to be liked by other people Need for Power­ a desire to influence or control other people Extrinsic Rewards­ rewards given to a person by the boss, the company, or some other person Intrinsic Reward­ reward a worker derives directly from performing the job itself
Managers Can Make Work More Varied and Interesting:
Job Rotation­ changing from one task to another to alleviate boredom Job Enlargement­ giving people additional tasks at the same time to alleviate boredom Job Enrichment­ changing a task to make it inherently more rewarding, motivating, and  satisfying Two­Factor Theory­ Herzberg’s theory describing two factors affecting people’s work 
motivation and satisfaction

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School: Texas State University
Department: Business Management
Course: MGT of Organization
Professor: A. Konopaske
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Management and motivation
Name: MGT 3303
Description: Chapter 11 notes on exam 3
Uploaded: 04/02/2018
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