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UW - PSYCHOLOGY 130 - Class Notes - Week 10

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UW - PSYCHOLOGY 130 - Class Notes - Week 10

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background image Abnormal Psychology
Week 10 Notes
Spring Semester 2018
INSTRUCTOR: DR. Gray Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Continued ● Etiology: Posttraumatic v. Sociocognitive ○ Posttraumatic: What your body will do to deal with trauma ○ Sociocognitive: There are approaches and therapeutic techniques that  give rise to symptoms ■ Wittingly or unwittingly, there is a notion to please the  therapist, questions can be productive in generating alters ● Treatment Implications? EE ○ Attempt to reverse therapy that caused it ○ Try to give an explanation in a supportive way ○ “We want to empower your core identity” Illness Anxiety Disorder Preoccupation w/ having or acquiring a serious illness ● Large/major symptoms are not present ● High level of anxiety about health & easily alarmed about health­related  matters ● Performs excessive health­related behaviors (checking body) or exhibits  maladaptive avoidance (avoids doctors/hospitals) ­ afraid of getting 
background image Different from Factitious Disorder (self v another) ­ which is intentionally 
fabricated and motivated by social gain
Treatment ● Exposure & Response prevention ○ You’re going to have this concern, you are going to want to check  (lookup, feel), try to hold off for 5 minutes before checking Eating Disorders Eating Problems, Obesity, Body Image  ● Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder ○ More than ‘picky eater’ if weight loss/nutritional deficiency ○ 28% @ 3yrs & 13% @ 6yrs are picky eaters ● How to prevent/fix ○ Plate portions ■ Little bit of food they really like and little of other food, can  have more of fav food if try to eat others ■ “Just have a bite and I'll get you more pizza” ■ Snacks ● What kind you can have (healthy), not close to meal ● If they are hungry they will eat it, if they don’t eat it, not  really hungry ● Obesity ○ Clear biopsychosocial etiology ■ Some people have different metabolism, same diet will affect  people differently ○ More a medical disorder than psychological ● Evolution meets modern food & technology ○ We have evolved to like high caloric and fatty foods

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School: University of Wyoming
Department: Engineering
Course: Abnormal Psych
Professor: Matt Gray
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: abnormal psych, Abnormal psychology, abnormal, psych, Psychology, and Intro to Psychology
Name: Abnormal Psych Week 10
Description: Ab normal Psych Week 10 -DID Cont. -Illness Anxiety Disorder -EDs --Eating problems, obesity, body image -Body image Dissatisfaction -Gender and Body Image -Anorexia Nervosa -Bulimia Nervosa -BED
Uploaded: 04/07/2018
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