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UVU - Phil 205 - Class Notes - Week 13

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> > > > UVU - Phil 205 - Class Notes - Week 13

UVU - Phil 205 - Class Notes - Week 13

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: OTHER
Course: Ethics and Values
Professor: Jeffery Neilson
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: philosophy and Lecture Notes
Name: PHIL 205G - Week 13 (April 2-6)
Description: We moved on from the Social Contract this week and instead moved on to a discussion of charity and how different philosophers believe we could end extreme poverty.
Uploaded: 04/08/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Since Apr 2018 . If we con present something bed from happena veut sacrifiema Somethund of equivaleat moral Werth - Don't Matter: Preximity / Distance > Actions / Kremarcar of others - Mordinal utuhy Charity * choose the sidisest options Wet wil zavit in the best result the most cations Gaving so much that any mdat would turn yes to the peas in ned. Thauch Singur says he doesn't toeliculit wodd tud to Come to thout we wouldn't be morally obligakd te yet that far). * Critique - ill gt that chacutg makes you acord person instead, not doing bacity could make you a blood person Chopite should become the morm for being an awerade person - chority should be the expectation.SITUALES PaanL02 UN Homul Derbi Total 88 UN Hummell Developer at Report po 253 -- Disposity of the world for povsecty E0 54.7 tollion # 61 Billion $ 54,Billion to solwe exlnenie GR- 4o Billion a year porerty US .00/S AC * 6/.4 April 2012 Pagge i Wealthg rations bear some riponsibility for cloths due te extreme peast- because of tonny_cel of ending extreme porte dy is se mettre la little . Costo Enel Extreme Rury : 440 Bu ilan lurer 6 eller leisting for iafla dion AH elimeless Ellingser] 2016 GDP of Weathiest Nations & $55 Tollen ( Bllion> lps 2642 If the citizens in these wanitha rebrems See the importance of the power ty issue, then this would fnda fendit : il suleta com he the 36! Billion to end exiune pendly wos a sustental moot of monty. - Why olo ale need to have such a moral obligatolte people of other nations? a nation a llhumans? _ Our Moral obligatiods i oneself community _othes nations Pages Arouweats if gte hotel any value to human life the the cost is so chap thart it wouldn 4 be a big question or withc or not to do it. not up to a palota, tik is olependa ao thungs lhe the World Book ongevations that ainably exists to help are rostorule ths project. ... LOL.In

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