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MU - MBI 111 - MBI Exam 3: Guide to Diseases - Study Guide

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> > > > MU - MBI 111 - MBI Exam 3: Guide to Diseases - Study Guide

MU - MBI 111 - MBI Exam 3: Guide to Diseases - Study Guide

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background image Exam Three Study Guide: Guide to Diseases  Pharyngitis  ● high fever 
● swollen lymph nodes/tonsils 
● bright red pharynx tissue 
Scarlet Fever  ● strep throat along with a skin rash  (pink-red blush on neck, chest, part of arms, strawberry tongue)  Rheumatic Fever  ● characterized by fever,inflammation of small blood vessels, joint pain,permanent  scarring of heart valves  Glomerulonephritis  ● inflammation in kidney 
● can cause permanent kidney damage 
Septicemia  ● "blood poisoning", from surgical or traumatic wounds  Puerperal sepsis  ● childbed fever 
● Infection of uterus following childbirth 
● Develops into septicemia 
Necrotizing fasciitis  ● (flesh-eating bacterium) 
● GAS-infected wounds 
● extensive damage of soft tissue 
● extremely rapid spread - 
excavation/amputation to treat  Pneumonia  ● respiratory infection 
● rapidly fatal 
● rare - most famous case: Jim Henson 
Group B strep  ● genital tract infection in women 
● 30% carrier rate 
Pneumococcal Pneumonia  ● high fever, sharp chest pains, difficulty breathing, rust-colored sputum (blood  seeping into alveolar sacs from tissue damage)   
background image Tuberculosis  ● malaise, fever, weight loss  (consumption)  ● cough, chest pain, high fever, blood in sputum  Haemophilus Meningitis  ● stiff neck, severe headache, neurologic symptoms  listlessness, drowsiness, irritability  Pertussis  ● whooping cough 
● malaise, runny nose, low grade fever, cough 
● most infectious! 
● post-tussive vomiting 
● subconjunctival hemorrhage 
Influenza  ● sudden chills, fatigue, headache, pains in chest, back and legs 
● fever rises to 104°F 
● severe cough develops 
● obstructed nose, dry throat, tight chest  
 (viral invasion of trachea and bronchi)  Guillain-Barré syndrome  ● complication of influenza 
● autoimmune attack on nerves 
● nerve damage 
● paralysis 
● coma 
Reye's syndrome  ● complication of influenza 
● in children during recovery from flu or chickenpox 
● rising fever, repeated, protracted vomiting 
● lethargic, glassy-eyed, disoriented, incoherent and combative; liver and brain 
damage, coma and death possible; thought to be related to immune system; 
linked to aspirin 
Rhinovirus Infections  ● headache, chills, dry scratchy throat 
● runny nose and congestion 
● cough: variable 
● fever: absent or slight 
● sometimes croup (hoarse coughing) 
background image Adenovirus Infections  ● substantial fever 
● sore throat (pharyngitis) 
● severe cough 
● swollen lymph nodes of neck 
● distinguished from strep if tested with culture 
Hantavirus  ● inhalation of aerosolized virus in rodent droppings and urine 
● initially mild and flulike (fever and cough) 
● HFRS (hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (Hantaan / Korean Hemorrhagic 
Fever)  ● upper respiratory with kidney involvement 
● initially flu-like 
● rash (hemorrhages under skin) 
● internal hemorrhaging 
● kidney failure 
Chickenpox  ● early - fever, headache, malaise 
● upper respiratory tract --> bloodstream --> peripheral nerves and skin 
● formation of fluid filled vesicles 
Shingles  ● cause blisters with blotchy patches of red encircling trunk  Measles (Rubeola)  ● hacking cough / sneezing 
● nasal discharge 
● eye redness 
● sensitivity to light 
● high fever 
● Koplik spots two days after onset (red patches with white grain-like centers) 
SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis)  ● Complication of measles 
● fatal degenerative brain disorder 
● results from a defective virus (mutation)  
● occurs in 1 in 100,000 infections 
Mumps  ● obstructions of ducts retards flow of saliva 
● skin over ducts becomes taut and shiny 
● painful when touched 
background image Orchitis  ● Complication of mumps 
● swelling of testes with some damage to reproductive tissue 
● may reduce sperm count 
German Measles (rubella)  ● occasional fever 
● variable pale pink rash 
● face --> trunk and extremities 
● rash develops within a day, fades after another two days 
● mild cold symptoms and swollen lymph nodes possible 
● congenital rubella syndrome 
Complication of german measles  ● viruses localize on placenta and pass along umbilical cord, destruction of fetal  capillaries --> blood insufficiency, cataracts, glaucoma, deafness, heart bone and  
neurological defects, stillbirth 
Anthrax  ● first microbe to be proven a cause of disease 
● first grown in pure culture 
● first to satisfy Koch's postulates 
● among first used for immunization 
● cutaneous (skin) anthrax 
● papule --> necrotic ulcer 
● may have fever, malaise, headache 
● potential blood invasion 
● gastrointestinal anthrax 
● lesions on intestinal wall 
● nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and fever, 
● abdominal pain, vomiting blood, and bloody diarrhea 
● potential for blood invasion 
● pulmonary (inhalation) anthrax 
● initially flu-like (no runny nose) 
● hemorrhagic pneumonia and respiratory failure  
● shock and death within 24h 
● potential for long-term memory damage in survivors 
Tetanus  ● develop within hours - short neurons first 
● muscle stiffness (facial and swallowing muscles) 
● clenching of teeth (lockjaw) 
● arching of back and rib muscles, seizures in diaphragm 

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School: Miami University
Department: Microbiology
Course: MBI 111
Professor: Josephcarlin
Term: Fall 2015
Name: MBI Exam 3: Guide to Diseases
Description: These notes go over all the diseases that are presented in class, which could be questioned on the exam
Uploaded: 04/13/2018
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