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UCONN - CHEM 2444 - Class Notes - Week 12

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> > > > UCONN - CHEM 2444 - Class Notes - Week 12

UCONN - CHEM 2444 - Class Notes - Week 12

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry
Professor: Gregory Sotzing
Term: Spring 2017
Name: Week 12 Notes
Description: Noes on mixed aldo addition and the rest of chapter 17
Uploaded: 04/16/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Mixed Aldol Add 'n |04|09|18 > Solutions to Crossed Aldol Probleme Ca vse, a pao-emolizable partners TALDI em "Weak ob |-CH PAST CH 31 condensation eno ote) - HD VO Clow] Clow] K b. add enolate precursor Dlousty ensore lovel cf ap- Stoichiometric Bax (100% enolote) SH Slowly added > Cordensofia V8 Ad d to Remember, odd'on of heat ol OH al camerasa tio pece predoct ao to achh icket > La stonoabe No added eat per condesonroe conj. In B co pot condensan04|10|18 sen (crossed I even bog det * Nboet 30 of no OE- OEt high Eo corc buf B- keto ester lows endarislovas endlate fons, it reacts quickly high - celoti ve conc, pl et FONSO HE RH high enggre out Low ce conc oet B-diketone (slow) wat ger endore formation from s portrer shrstova aldehge DET Etoe Z) HOTY forever NAS na et, Etoe -> L . 1 pa ete AA SEM Coronate poashnoodub ondazat on AOC S Intramdecdoc Reactions. 0418 O two FG reacting in same molecole- B "Claisen-like' Dieckmann Cydezation CD 4 HOCHZocha Nao CH3 4 S OCH3 OCH3 *5 6 netes *5 6 CH: 2) BCI look fo relationships (#) ku ab E C=0 Intrendlecolar react ons will one sise fo nags ondensation Dansk -om, FIS* | ALI uostol CH3 Methyl -CH- -CH - metnuleneciente gras o u _ 3 Robinson Annulation v on diketane dB untatd C=0 Va inter-molecdar yn (first) - M chael add'o b. Intramolecular ye layclization) *CH aldot Cond. neus bond new band ("Michael-1,4 add'n) A FOO -OH

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