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Purdue - IE 33000 - IE 330 - Week 7 - Class Notes

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> > > > Purdue - IE 33000 - IE 330 - Week 7 - Class Notes

Purdue - IE 33000 - IE 330 - Week 7 - Class Notes

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School: Purdue University
Department: Industrial Engineering
Course: Probability and Statistics in Engineering II
Professor: Tba
Term: Fall 2015
Name: IE 330 - Week 7
Description: Monday Lecture 18 (2/19), Wednesday Lecture 19 (2/21), Friday Lecture 20 (2/23)
Uploaded: 04/17/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 18 Monday, February 19, 2018 8:27 AM Evam Look as, Speng 2014 exam. -content will be ;deutical, just re- worded (re-arrangeel # 1-6, each port a-d is each worsh 2 points (v) answere will never be righr # 7:6, Yes you have to simplify , do not leave as estimate or fraction No FRACTIONS Material vorl St Dev / Proporttan - cole mean vac (ste, know formula - CI $ hyp. for oneltwo -sample mean, (formalre 1 tasks gwen know which table to use - undestand concors behind calculations - Mastory : A goud vedesteud = B guessing : 50 F minimal - D - Wilcoxon Sique rak rank -sum e Sample so -3omple - Go to review No fortions Fknow wheu to use and how to interpresfractors Which test do 1 use? - Sce slides on 1 or study guide for borl!) requencats for propesin - pop, nor nooncally distribuired non-perawors tests (men only) - Siga tor (ose - Sa mpi non -sy kernte Sigu-rank (ore -samp, symetric - two-somple S pooled var? - dor-poeld, deg. Fredam () will be gier (met - 1) paired? - UK - F -Art (no f - tables and be ghar durpur) population 8,8 quufles 1 * weighed moun .Confidence Futrols - types - Constellar 95. v. 99%. - Mast QS Look C chupted Objerves Slides Bules for p-values Slides have more practiveLecture 19 Wednesday, February 21, 2018 1:06 PM Exam day! Good job everybody, get some rest aud good luck on Lt */

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