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OleMiss - CH E 110 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > OleMiss - CH E 110 - Class Notes - Week 8

OleMiss - CH E 110 - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: University of Mississippi
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: Statics
Professor: Elizabeth Ervin
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: statics
Name: Week 8 Statics Notes
Description: Week 8 Statics Notes
Uploaded: 04/21/2018
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Unformatted text preview: F sheacand dine muster M SEMS CitanEEP Methods and Suomale Methods 1.tes Ce coad EBD Media I betermine au Suppura tradisi waleed by ating FB Mestite datur anil salg Mees tut FB foreta 3 S , M on tuttuale Writer Etete Finand sales en ) Arternal logos andim. 4/16 Sumwokon Methad -Usts related Simple geometrica calcuna inplice of Integration techniques tadion Vand M Cont enita dito. O htConstant WW Constadt EN VOS = PILXZ1/2 Vad =-P/2 XAL!2. Linear VUSE Wlus - SZIK Linear MAS - Ps/2 XLuz. M -PEL-s /2 - Relaties bit land. anfiskeari V-LVIAS-- ho Epso Axt Vo =Ve = wdy .--tart under land curre .Belodine bit shear ard beding womment: (MAN-M-VAYIWAX AX =0Compared with the Cut&FBO Method, te Summation Method is much faster 4x > tim de- lim (V-Zw LS V Mo -Mo = { Vax.- Laila unde sheas Casi. 4x Rule #1 Ab external load tuld. V-a constant M-astraight line Focus fiaL V-O, M: Vao, M: V20, : horizontal line o up, L R litslopes go down, LR-slope . Rule #2: Concentrate and Concentrate Laad P V. A jump in v diagram M: A cornu point M diacsam PVVV PT , * Jump value: A =(PL Study

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