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USC - RETL 265 - Class Notes - Week 11

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> > > > USC - RETL 265 - Class Notes - Week 11

USC - RETL 265 - Class Notes - Week 11

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background image RETL 265 Notes – Week 11 Brick and Mortar - Windows
- Floor layout
- Signs Online - Homepage
- Navigation
- Text ***draw the customers in Retailer’s Website - Must Have o Name, logo o Image/text to let customer know what to sell
o Prices
o Images & text (visually gaging images)
o Clear story telling (telling story like news teller would)
o Visually explain product
o Proof
social reviews authority (been featured in magazine, etc.) liking (followers) o call to action (CTAs throughout site) give people opportunity to engage ex. Likes, wish list, could send link to people o collection based homepage most often used by apparel allows customers to self identify/dive deeper increase engagement - ups your search rankings more likely conversion - more clicks you have o tips attention grabbing images to attract users to each 
name each collection o use grid style
background image - Should Have o Search bar o Return policy
o Size
Bad Manager - Dishonest - Mean
- Folds under pressure
- Unfairness
- Reason why people would quit
Good Manager - Good communication skills - Compassion
- Caring
- Personable Servant Leadership - Emphasizes focusing first on others needs servant leaders tend to o Help others grow o Keep commitments
o Confront reality
o Create transparency
o Be humble & hardworking
- Service 1 st , common building, persuasion, willing followers,  journey (circle) - Benefits o Maximum productivity
o Higher employee loyalty
o Lower turnover
o Higher profit margins
Loss Prevention • Shoplifters steal about (12 billion) dollars in merchandise from US 
retailers each year
• Employees steal more from US retailers than shoplifters (true)
- Employee/internal theft, shoplifting/external theft, administration  errors, etc.

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School: University of South Carolina
Department: Retail
Course: Principles of Retailing (265)
Professor: Karen Edwards
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: retl, loss, and Management
Name: RETL 265 Week 11 Notes
Description: Week 11 Class Notes
Uploaded: 04/22/2018
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