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FSU - CHM 1046 - Class Notes - Week 15

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> > > > FSU - CHM 1046 - Class Notes - Week 15

FSU - CHM 1046 - Class Notes - Week 15

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School: Florida State University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: Robert Cameron
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: General Chemistry
Name: Week 15 Notes
Description: These notes cover lecture material from week 15.
Uploaded: 04/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 4/ 18 SHE: Standard Hydrogen Electrode F2 2c (ZE) . oxidizing ogent (left side ) lonnes best oxidizing aan product side seducing egens Lite - Lilithium is best cedcung cgent Brzze - 28rLOV Po - Porte +0.13 V + 1229 = Eccn 3 Brz12e - 281.09 v don t have to multiply.cell pot. 2 cr- r. 30 +0.731 by ssble cellpot +1.824 is an intensive acces cloes oct depend on Ogoount cu Proses gorength os cogent ISHT Lopable of oxizing Fe 20:2H) H OV CU - cu 2e-01 or acts usually contain higok chargoIs fe capable of oxidizing I Fe2 - Fe' or fe 0.03 or O 21 - 12e N Compiciely describe the Golyonic cell mode From the follcucing borxos. else Mo-2 37 A13e A- o embar loodt Salt toge cars fons Fee- feit (wrote 2 line nato von anode cathode separate phases (single ling) or ido e double line ) anode - cathode.4/18/18 forma Au sol in by Predict whether Mitric aci del cola to Au - A9 -1.60V HNO3 +0.40V NO, A NO:Agim Ecci - (4) AGS Essu F-) fara dous constant the total sharun Imole afcs (96,485 m) Coulomb (cls the charge on once = (.020 Voltiv: Joules / couloma (T/C) = voit AG' OF cen calc. E c TAG Far cu fecuife Fe - Fe2ectus .441 Cu 2 - 0.34 cucere 0.34y +0.8v - Essen PAG-((OCH BST mellorsva o AG. - Tink >-heteuls BT Ink Ece: 0.025 ink.

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