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UCONN - PNB 3251 - Class Notes - Week 15

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> > > > UCONN - PNB 3251 - Class Notes - Week 15

UCONN - PNB 3251 - Class Notes - Week 15

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: Physiology
Course: Biology of the Brain
Professor: A. R. Filipovic
Term: Spring 2016
Name: Week15
Description: notes for sleep lecture
Uploaded: 04/27/2018
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Unformatted text preview: -Loir CH|24|18 Sleep O Sleep is a state of rejecsible_uncons ous ress/ altera cors tooosition bw stores, unique brain waves j, fertures L reculated by circadian and boomeostatic Sleep drive O Sleep pressoxe. Is integral olus Ciccadion horeostatic. Arasal States > build up of metobdic process that dove sleg need SJAmoement eerselvatneo NREM sleep- dull absent se satian, episodic invddors 09 seal o REN sleep -vivid percepti, commanded but inhibited Movement Die EEG reflects electrical activity (Synaptic aetuitu beto waves > awake hos lauest omo litude highly dysynchronrzed -> Stoce to Stage 4 becanes chythmic and F ompte shigkramasizedcomplexes 9 desuock.conrzed. S1- Freto & alpra waves, S2- sleep spindley and k delto maes, synchronized, bighamp,lgue >> REM Sleep has theta woves, desyadocan lau Vad * 12 wasles ore the encogenentol arcaits (n the brain e parameters Polysomn pogcopy - recording of matt ple pbysidagical so that chance during sleep > Stcoe 4 sleep (Slow-wake Sleep o po.casom montas occur during this stage.MREM Steep is deepest stope of sleep, no A Corony inuoluntary murit ose a nigke REM- posodoxical sleep, musce pordysis, high coctical acey Polys yno fic accut produces Otonia during REM _Loc. neurons REM sleen L Pons (SLD-Ran an nuansMedulla (VMM- premotor > Spinal Card Cintemerans F anoto neurons developmentL SUD activate inhibitoru neoras in spinal cords Posteno hupothalamos/mil brain hupecscana (waking center O Antenac bypothalamos insomata ( sleging Center) Hoy x neurons in Ch prornate coctial OC OR + araba O Hupothalamus materacts w Sleep 5 O GABAergic neurons to the VIPO project + inhibit anodsal O VLPO nescans fire aust before sleep, BF decrease Clerc me * Orego provides a stalization of sleep uvoke tue por o Noredleotic episodes triggered by strag emchans

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