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CSU - CHEM 111 - Class Notes - Week 13

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> > > > CSU - CHEM 111 - Class Notes - Week 13

CSU - CHEM 111 - Class Notes - Week 13

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I
Professor: Ruth Tucker
Term: Summer 2016
Name: Chem 111
Description: 9.4 Enthalpy Beginning of 10.1 Intermolecular forces
Uploaded: 04/29/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 93 Enthalpis Inhemsel ensay CUore) the sum of all of the bimerin taand potential emaies et u busier AE - Efinal-Emilar Changes in internal emany kenrtu ey dumy el between a suskem and it siiroiners enehumaas heat or worklis) AE- * Enpassiona Lenesevce - volumes wush | when finirenses in seation with is cone by the puskem lw40) gas produced When p durwas in a machi ba, wash is done on the rys tem lw>0) UOL -> 2.0L by addaa pressure - W- GS 2 Wis done on system f sitive wo) It tynder cools.Does m anal energy incotases dersenses? Inertases Ca>0) D D AE-4+w AE >O States para function State eunukion laiskumuie independent of path) lain funchita la shinie travelles, dependent in path) In termal enerques a stale Punihov Wales independent of path bu ushah me system achieved that startey| Hest e ass work(s) me puth functions, whin depend on the pata tathem to achieve a __state Erthalpa ama lamges CH 3a shultez bonition. Hak deseni hes heat flow A tom tant pessure A Hann AH por mos e 2 - AH resresse | Chyr 102-> War 2Mad AH - 4015 Head of resetiowa Extensive properties - depend on the quantity of bubo stonie Enthal pu change a chemical naetson represen/ks Mhe heat exehemal Fur the numa belf makes of martumbs curd protects to Me balansed 4 va tion -4aKI - 8466) Impl ury 2mal Had EX released? EC we have 3 moles of 0g. How mura eresgu 13 - 04DKJ, 3ms 60 - - 1335 KJ Amolo Hess Laws AH fu Sa remesson 15 cusried out in u sacies of steps, the overall reuthan will be equal to the sumpe we enthalpy darger led the individual steps CHYE 2 H, 6 -> com 4a A LS H3 (Het H4 6-> G F 3H AH = 10663 or H4 6 -> COFE H AH = IKSSED an incrert sides bu proses and meeting laud Deck AS-> (ola ACO -Cork Ortz vibay) ajbur 945 la primer > ator e igh > sophile r 44,5 A Cammad >> Marghile - 3A 5.415 43443 556 +74,5 - 172.5 1 An+AH - (1.965 L Nalg) 3Ha) > 7. ANGAHYAH, - | 11.8K) 2 Matre Amay) * Cpg> >>MAYA) A-626.6 BAHst,' r HH) -) Ny do a NH 4 ) SINSH 345 Fakta 352.4 4H gdy duris Dug) -> HAJ) > On 194,6 -171 F orever e in dod $4. Heaks of cemide from heak of Corwakion AH Doing formatten reactions D iomfore reuetants Lormerad als fesolats rekrutkeuig, A Hoon - ZnAH produits - EnaHramus 2 ND9 -> 2034 Na -> Nos deumpose formet i on Formation cautions Consids of dements in her mot staple form lo form me m ar a produit reacting Nazots Kilis Le Haltes els - Orly) I Nagels) his Claiks) blus odalar3 095 >\C4H2O(S)

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