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UCONN - GER 1171 - Class Notes - Week 15

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UCONN - GER 1171 - Class Notes - Week 15

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background image WEEK 14: LOLA MOVEMENT (!), REALISM/FORMALISM Agenda:
Realist vs. formalist film theories Movement/motion in film “Run, Lola, Run!” (dir. Tom Tykwer)  Discussion Film = Medium of Communication
Communication Theory: what is needed to make a communication complete? 
Sender to channel medium & massage to recipient
What are the most basic ingredients of communication? Film Theories:
Realist Theories do what? 
Attempt to depict/recreate reality as it is (close to journalism/documentary film 
Material should be found rather than constructed Actual location Concerned with exterior/surface reality Minimum of interference/manipulation (no stylization) Emphasis on content: often ordinary people, everyday life Often: moral or ethical bias (e.g., Christina) Formalist Theories do what? Fiction like
Acknowledge differences between human eye and camera Create a piece of art (not imitation reality): intentionally and visibly using 
possibilities of photography, mise­en­scene
Make­up story rather than telling what people sees or truth “Cinema”: Derives from Greek word for motion/movement
What is moving in motion pictures?
Characters/object in mise­en­sence Camera Speed of film itself Symbolism of movement within the mise­en­scène
Upward: power, positive mood, authority, happy Downward: negative mood, defeat, sadness, weakness Left to right: most characters do this, progress
background image Right to left: wrong, having trouble Towards camera/audience: friendly, connection, dangerous Away from camera/audience: ending, closing, farewell Function of:
Lateral/vertical movements (horizontal movement) Moving more obvious 
Depth movements (in and out) Can’t feel moving that much Combining shots and angles: Question: What suggests more speed?
A long shot and a high angle
 or A closer shot and a low angle Closer shot
Closer matter more to audience
CAMERA MOVEMENT: When was the moving camera invented? Different kinds of camera movement and their significance
Tracking = dolly shot:
Panning shot: side­to­side, 
Zoom shot: 
Tilt shot:
Crane shot:
Aerial shot:
“Movement in film is not a literal phenomenon but an optical illusion” 
The human eye is sluggish Minimum of 16/sec? Frames/sec needed to create the illusion of “movement”? Required frames per seconds to perceive movement (minimum)? Today’s cameras record and project…? Frames per sec: 24 frames/sec MECHANICAL DISTORTIONS:
Slow motion: record faster but show with usual speed Fast motion: play faster Reverse motion: flip

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: German
Course: The German Film
Professor: Hammerstein
Term: Fall 2015
Name: German Film Run Lola Run Notes
Description: These notes cover the incomplete note packet for Run Lola Run
Uploaded: 04/30/2018
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