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UCONN - HIST 1502 - Spring 2018 - HIST 1502 - Class Notes

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> > > > UCONN - HIST 1502 - Spring 2018 - HIST 1502 - Class Notes

UCONN - HIST 1502 - Spring 2018 - HIST 1502 - Class Notes

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: History
Course: U.S. History Since 1877
Professor: Cathy Wright
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: history
Name: HIST 1502
Description: -progressives -Roaring '20s -Great Depression -FDR and his New Deal
Uploaded: 05/10/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 3/1948 Wat were the Trujessive Residents and tow... Did they ..Expand the scope of the Federal Government 2.... The cdoveRakveit.. (R, 1901-1901Square Deal: - ..good. ead. COPPE Cons, break up the bad corporations using Ant 1 - Thust Act (Northern Securitics Company Brokerjabor di spertes (coal strikel -... "regulate economy. Interstate Commerce Commission, Pure ....... Fud and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act - Construchion: national poines Beccuse of TR, now the Republican Party, too, had tooth - a conservative (Mukimtety wirxj k a precessive (TR) ning - - Progressinn sstents William oni toft (R., 1904 - 1112 ... break Upma corporations (Standard On Stop prue - fixing by - carperatoNS LAmerican Tobacco a L . - 16 awmendiment permitted income tox Woodrow .__Wilson D , 1913 1920 NOW Frecch: -income tax on healthte 54 61. clayton A l uninns right to organize + Strike Keating. Owtn_Act Coutlawed child labor) - Aclamson Act . __bralay en roul reads.. federal mane System -- feda! trudt immission --- -- ... 17, 1", 19" - --- amtndnents .- ....Te Shes The curring 'Theries - A con corative Derade aren Monching ( - Calvin Courage (R - Tonert Hoover (R) - Be with some upgrasiverearms Prohibition i naricres origins Quaro Ack .. La inecat cech euchain . Star 1 Munici . Redermis Dug the Progres ive Erney -Residential Prfrena Primares .... + .Minimum waor GWS . ..... Workplace Safetyaw Housing CARS fire ecopes, rooms in windows etc.) r . - Public water + Sencr *Staic municipal parks The Progressive Caglia FOXXO. Pipuisis not Dressive reformes 1) poran ty Supply Recas Resort System (Wilson) .. by using Sincr ........... 2's inters igreCommerce Conmission 25 regolORE. Vilroads...... (TR) Acamson Act (hiisen 3) Direct Ketion of ...... 176 Omernment hilsen senators 4) Anti Trust Act (TR, 1964, wmsan uy regulate manupaisesEdmors / Parts Groot 55 Income tax ..-. ) resmict m igration - gSSER 2 Diana 5) Tectorc k . Income Tax S. National Cryths Quota Aor (color 75 Anti - evolution laws (many, stares). -----.. LAKS Unions Sicqauz (Unions 2) 8. br som 3) Childber lors 4 oricphoicofety cams 5Min. woorWS ban fok / Addams + Bris/ L Picnic Oier - 2. pooks. Sowers.. Cunicipal housing codes .citizenkip for womiqtis Brogress eleros. I Clayton Act (Haison 2. Adomino Act (wilson) 3. Kamugiren Act (rison 4. Workplace solety laws (some states... S. Min. woot tans Sume States ......... Proorgessis Reforms, i public voice (rest Cities 2. Public Scwers 3. municipal housing codes k .gyas overcomic street quis 6. municipal Forks (mary cities) Le compulsory public wich.schols Imous sotes 1. rating onions Duosa. Act (cool.chge) _

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