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TTU - IE 2301 - Study Guide - Final

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TTU - IE 2301 - Study Guide - Final

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School: Texas Tech University
Department: Industrial Engineering
Course: Engr Design in Production Operations
Professor: Kalpani DIssanayake
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: cost, #project management, and Six Sigma
Name: Final Study Guide
Description: Everything from the midterm to this point is included: Six Sigma, Project Management and designing new products and services.
Uploaded: 05/11/2018
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Unformatted text preview: IE 2201 - FCL Exam Saudy Guide, Chapter IO Designina the Prool chios Occonizatios - Voice of Customers - derstood Custerver Value Captare eustomer neede verds or six senle dimensions : - Bolerance; the profess of accomplishical action or task. __ Exemple: her com pades/nevalte the protes punts. - Features: a distindie atlebuste, or aspect of somethine _Exoxple: Colas.capability er multiple couper den us - Reliebi btu aku ca bu lilu s the oblity to withstand wiecis or clemege Examples Expected lte af components - Sedvicrabiltus Usefulness a besiile or product. Examples nombes af capes castaldge _ - Aesthetics : appeace of minduet Examples. canes slyle of publess. Perceived (dallys sustomer's Defcep on d cuerall guality Examples Brons name.Customer Valuesoperilicoming . - Order. Auch Mensa o pecorronoce level must be met for a customer to coosider buying from your connu. De datant more Clostanera. Ex. Comorowice. aridy - Order. Winners higher levels of performance attract neus walnmeis . ili aru Lot have nimum accepluhle perli ne level. Ex: Dehieng speed, cesti, Nexibility Irdenal Standards Niator for cosplance - Cet af under the sum of internal/external_the costs aparece costs prevention costs Lotd_View of cost at cupliky IC- prevenhion costs FCE falare costs TL AC: Appraisal costs _ %, Detect level De les leuet 400), 100). TotoNeus View of cast olguelito - Total cost c PG Prevention AP- App OD Detect level Ico, .... Coelof Vala bilms Ieclcles claulude cato Milayer__may not inclucle, all fettuce t as od vieulof_costat Varichu. ita High loc cerca Cost Souety Ain tipper Spec

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