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GSU - PSY 1101 - Psychology 1101; Week 1 - Class Notes

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> > > > GSU - PSY 1101 - Psychology 1101; Week 1 - Class Notes

GSU - PSY 1101 - Psychology 1101; Week 1 - Class Notes

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Steirn
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: brain, Science, Psychology, scientific method, and Origins
Name: Psychology 1101; Week 1
Description: These notes are chapter one of the Psychology textbook and cover a part of what will be covered in the first exam.
Uploaded: 08/23/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Background and Major Changes Psychology derived from two grek wouds > psyche : soul/mind > logos : Study of a subject The study of behavior of individual organisms and how the emmental, physiological, mental social and cultural cents influence these behavions 13 Main Characteustics 1. Psychology is a science 2. Studies individual behavior 3. Studies the variables that influence the behavior - environment - physiology mental processes Socal interactions - cultural practices The use of the scientific method challenges in the psychological research himans emotions (could alter the results) r participat bias - a true answer natural participar L'experimenter bias - sometimes blinds themselves to their condition Psychology Main Focus_ aims to understand how an individual behaves it includes when that individual is in a social ocup sociology, anthiopology, Cuonomics > Sciences that focus on group of peopleDead Persons Test > BEHAVIOR is anything a dead person cannot do je. I will not eat junk food V5.will eat healthy food Not a behavioral change Behaviou change The things you are not doing is not a behaviou History of Psychology > Wilhelm Wundt father of EXPERIMENTAL Psychology Established first psychology lab in Germany AND research journal Major Perspectives structuralism Oldest perspective of psichology - breaks down CONSCIOUSILOX basic elemends - investigates how the elements are related - focused on sensation, perception and introspection > Functionalism investigates the purpose ou function of consciousness Evolutionary Psychology - understand the evolutionary processes that shaped behavior and the adaptive function of behavior > Willian James Functionalist Published 1st American psychology txt bk Psychodynamic Theory LHeavy influence on the role of the unconscious Ereud's theories have not sumed sutentific scrutina However his theories are still studied todayOrigins of Psychology > Sigmund Freud old - physical satisfaction and biological needs Super-ego- need to meet societal needs [demands Ego - seeks to find balance between Id & Super-ego First person to move to talk therapy sessions CLEAEFFPPP Major Perspectives Behaviorism focused on directly observed behavia evaluares what external environmental events produce behavions - The team behaviouism was coined by John Watson believed heredity was not as influential as environment L Humanistic Psychology: Abraham Maslow einphasises unique qualities humans have To recognizes potential for growth Positive Psyciology. Cau Rogers Acknowledges positive, adaptive creative aspects of humans Gestalt Psychology Experience should be looked at as a whole entity and not the sum of its parts

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