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CSU - HDFS 311 - HDFS311- Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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Schools > Colorado State University > Science > HDFS 311 > CSU - HDFS 311 - HDFS311- Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

CSU - HDFS 311 - HDFS311- Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Aug. 27, 2018 
HDFS 311-002 
Jaime Rotner 
Chapter 1 (Cont’d) 
Recall: How do we know when transition into adulthood is complete? 
● Individualism and Collectivism  ○ Individualism: ​ learning to stand alone, self-sufficient, values of independence and  self-expression  ○ Collectivism: ​ interdependence, community, group harmony  ● Transition into adulthood example: values in varying cultures  ○ Israel: completing military service 
○ Argentina: being able to financially support family (parents) 
○ India and China: being able to financially support family (parents) 
■ What do these have in common → collectivistic, while the U.S. is more  individualistic  ● Think: is 25 a good upper age boundary for the end of emerging adulthood?  ○ Where would the upper boundary be and why?  ■ Average age of marriage is increasing/Families are being started later 
■ Life expectancy is increasing 
■ Remember that this is subjective; it depends on what goals you value most 
in terms of  “becoming an adult”  Chapter 2 
Biological Foundations 
● Puberty: ​ the body undergoes a biological revolution that dramatically changes an  adolescent’s  ​anatomy, physiology, and physical appearance  ○ Pubertal process → lasts 1 ½ - 4 yrs 
○ Onset ranges from 8-14 yrs old 
● Endocrine System: glands → hormones → bloodstream → affect bodily  functions/development  ○ Hormonal changes begin in the hypothalamus 7  ■ Gradually increases production of gonadotropin releasing hormone  (GnRH)  ■ This occurs once a threshold level of body fat is reached 
■ Fat cells produce 
​leptin​ that provides signal to the hypothalamus  ■ Increase in GnRH affects pituitary glands  ● Pit. glands produce gonadotropins (FSH and LH)  ○ Stimulates gamete production 
background image ■ Increases production of sex hormones (estrogen and  androgens)   ■ Observable body changes  ■ Sex hormones  ● Sex differences in hormonal changes during puberty  ● Adolescent growth spurt when puberty arrives  ○ Peak height velocity  ■ girls=3.6” 1 yr 
■ boys=4.3” 1 yr 
○ Asynchronicity ​: uneven growth (extremities first)  ○ Muscle growth spurt (more significant in boys) 
○ Levels of body fat surge 
● Sex characteristics  ○ Primary sex characteristics  ■ Changes directly related to repro.  ● Production of sperm/eggs and sex organs  ○ Secondary sex characteristics  ■ Not directly related to repro., but visible  ● Hair growth 
● Breast buds 
● Skin changes 
● Menstruation 
● Estrogen/androgen/testosterone 
● Facts about girls/women  ○ Women are born w/about 400,000 immature eggs in each ovary which drops to  80,000 by puberty  ○ After 1st menstruation cycle (menarche), one egg develops into a mature egg  (ovum) about every 20 days  ○ Females release 400 eggs over the course of their repro. Lives  ● Facts about men  ○ Men not born with sperm and do not produce until puberty  ■ Avg. age of sperm production= 12 yrs old  ○ Between 30-500 million sperm in the typical male ejaculation (produce millions  of sperm everyday)  ■ Have to travel far, so many die 
■ Women’s bodies see as a threat and destroy 
● Changes in physical functioning during puberty  ○ Heart, lungs, and physical performance  ■ Heart doubles in size, HR falls 

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Science
Course: Adolescent/Early Adult Development
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: coloradostateuniversity, csu, HDFS, and HDFS311
Name: HDFS311- Week 2 Notes
Description: these notes cover the end of chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the HDFS311 course
Uploaded: 08/31/2018
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