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Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Termo II Week 1 Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Termo II Week 1 Notes - Class Notes

Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Termo II Week 1 Notes - Class Notes

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School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: Chem Eng Thermo II
Professor: Corey Wilson
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Thermo, Thermodynamics, Systems, secondlawofthermodynamics, and firstlawofthermodynamics
Name: Termo II Week 1 Notes
Description: Review of Thermo I
Uploaded: 09/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Thermo 11 Hof Cory J Wilson Office Hours: Well 9.00 ( appoitment Exams: Wed Sep 26 Wed Oct 31 7:50am. - 8:50am. 7:50am - 8:50.m. Bratlan rodiny: No Curve -- A 15 dl >90% > 011 Quize: 15% Exowl 25% EZ 25% Final 354 Mon Aug 20 Review of Thermo ! Statistical mechanics Thermodynamics study heat flow 7 bridge - thermo - Mario Scupic Guantum microscopic / atomic ) ridge - string theory classical physics - mechanics quantum - microscopic Systems - Open System - Closech System - Isolated System . energy mass transfer . erergy transfer - no transfer Equations et stede (Pvt). Dennected by a relationship Boyle's leons P2 Charlie's law vithevath Gus PuinRT Avagodra's Law n moleszeroth Law of Therme Hest flomas from high concentration to fous aurien tradicem Tap First Law of Thermes - energy can't be cleared or destroyed Eufrounding Themy Energy AE Qthe System - heat AE sar.Q.W wwerk Mathematical 1s Law AEQ+w Internal Energy Cou) A - change in stile finction su Gew Never: AQurs Sometimes: w dw su is a state function can start P Wi-PdV Thermodynamic Work (Physical) werk Ferie x Distance wil work done by the Systemy w werk done the systet dw'.- Flaldase force I share in diese constant pressure Werk: lwl Post AV constant Temperatwe Werk: WHEART I Hest Capacity c. heat needed to raise Tofu System IK Lo Cement volume Cp Cut Rl constant pressure ...fer Cv Enthelry AH-suAIP.V) AU Qw du : dach dudu - odWed Aug 271 Erlent Conskost Temp Beyle's Law: PU PVZ. AH AU ACP SH su QA CHAT AM : LAT Cel. Q su CAT AUCvalt Isothermal AU44.0 PV, PVC Giwo WinRT lul) Q.1 Punk - lule)-fu18) - InR) Q-Wine Finlas-MRT IN Adiabatic G C du Cuelt du : Cuellow CuaTdwed WPIV PART/v CuaT:-(Pauled Ex one mol of gas gues through reversible process a) freer 70C 5 or to 150*2 diabetic b) cooled from ISUT L 102 at temstort () expanded iscthermally to eriginal site Calcutute ad We AH26 WR GER T: 543.15 dualne te du T-42545k 0:498) GO P: I har -9985 AU (T-1) b) 7,- 42.3.15% 1, 343.15% SUQ WW: 6657 QE AHLA! 17-7,7-1063 T lovelt: NATAU en l red hair) a Magyarores LT, 345.85KW , -14955 TM1152 AWO Ge=14955 He: 0 + Second bow. of Thermo neat tansfers from high he low The Coco concentration Suddies Imeversble AS reversible - ASO > Dissorder meiten ystem > Disserder

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