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FIU / Chemistry / CHM 3410 / physical chemistry notes

physical chemistry notes

physical chemistry notes


School: Florida International University
Department: Chemistry
Course: Physical Chemistry 1
Professor: Alexander mebel
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics, internal energy, law of conservation of energy, work, heat, heatcapacity, molarheatcapacity, expansionwork, reversibleexpansion, SystemAndSurroundings, firstlawofthermodynamics, calorimeters, and energytransferred
Cost: 25
Name: Physical Chemistry 1 - Week 2 Notes
Description: These notes begin to cover the concepts of the first law of thermodynamics ("the internal energy of an isolated system is constant"). They talk about the conservation of energy, energy as heat and/or work, a system and its surroundings, energy transfer, internal energy (total energy of a system, expansion work (the work arising from a change in volume) and reversible expansion, and ways to measure
Uploaded: 09/06/2018
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