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OSU - PHYSICS 1250 - Physicis 1250 (Ohio State) Class Notes W1 - Class

Created by: Katelyn Moreno Elite Notetaker

> > > > OSU - PHYSICS 1250 - Physicis 1250 (Ohio State) Class Notes W1 - Class

OSU - PHYSICS 1250 - Physicis 1250 (Ohio State) Class Notes W1 - Class

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background image   SYLLABUS AVG WORK s essential skillsdue 11 59 pm m recitation lab L hand in written hw i weekly avi 2 practiceproblems 1 answer questions 1 lecture w lecture F lecture quizonmonday pre labdue week2 a HOMEWORK web assign hwonline Lil grade nanain nw 13 grade top 6040 get a IB based oncurve grades done by course manager 1 Dr Michael Ziegler L NOT lecturer or ta message on carmen w questions instead of email notesposted on carmen tophat questions graded ClassTopics mechanics 10 weeks L linear motion n 6 weeks i rotationalmotion 3 weeks difficulty o.yuaogyyawtieoe.n.sn iweek increases continuum mechanics thermodynamics 2 weeks v special relativity n 1week office hours physics research building 2054 z oo 3 00 pm W calculators allowed during exam
background image   UNITS KEI standardsystem heading definition aerinea quantity or amount of some measurable quantity example length time mass s Biu base units slength meters reet mass kilograms pounds time seconds seconds temp oak of derived units velocity mis c acceleration mis otorce ncnew ionss i.com szoenergy syouiess ikgmzisz UNIT CONVERSION unit conversion expressing a quantity in new units a uassisssmmutesiong.itock ssec.nowmanytocks.is class ssmyn.ws itock 66otoucsimmxssexu.convertiaaytosec iayyx4 noxrs.com xoosec oo64ooseconds scientific notation loyay intr mm 186400 864.4 1,0 ee howmanypianotuners in Chicago estimation 0.000037 3 population io.ooo.ooo.io I lopeoplexipiance iou pianos to people loupianos tuneallyr ioutuningsiyr pianotunercantuneipianolday zootuningslyr ioutunmg.ly sooopianotunersincnicago3ootuningsituner

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School: Ohio State University
Department: Physics
Course: Physics: Mechanical, Thermal, Waves
Professor: Michael Poirier
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: 1d motion and Units
Name: Physicis 1250 (Ohio State) Class Notes W1
Description: intro notes on class basics, unit review, and 1D motion
Uploaded: 09/06/2018
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