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CSU - PSY 210 - Class Notes - Week 4

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CSU - PSY 210 - Class Notes - Week 4

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background image Intervention The Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP) Side notes: o Babies who are blinded because of cataracts can have them removed  by a certain time and preserve stimulation to that part of the brain, 
causing only partial impairment
o Think study of Genie, the girl who was barely keep alive, tied to a  potty chair in essentially the dark.  o Scientists wondered if the critical period for learning language had  passed. The Research opportunity Researchers had the opportunity to allow treatment for some babies with 
mental impairments and to let others simply live on untreated with 
o Participants: 136 children, average age 22mos.
o Babies in orphanages in Romania 
Three Conditions for Babies o Babies who would remain institutionalized in orphanage
o These children were not given any type of intervention
o High Quality Foster Care
o Parents were paid to take care of these children and given all these 
trainings to facilitate an ideal foster setting. Parents were monitored at
all points to maintain a positive and equal environment
Babies in Foster Care were either adopted by the foster parents from the study or 
another family rather quickly after conclusion of study
o Natural Home Babies Babies who were never in the system and were cared for by 
their original birth family
This group was the control

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Psychology
Course: Psychology of the Individual
Professor: Elise Bascomb
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Psychology, personality, Foster, PSY210, and WEEK4
Name: PSY 210 Week 4 Notes
Description: These notes begin with a brief intro to a study and continue on to cover personality
Uploaded: 09/10/2018
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