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UF / Marketing / MAR 3023 / richard lutz uf

richard lutz uf

richard lutz uf


School: University of Florida
Department: Marketing
Course: Principles of Marketing
Professor: Richard lutz
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Marketing, business, organizatons, Product, Net, Consumer, #organizationalmanagement #attitude #jobsatisfaction #dissonance, dissatisfaciton, behavior, ConsumerBehavior, decisionmaking, DecisionMakingModel, Demographic, economic, reseller, NAICS, buyers, Criteria, quality, technical, relationshipmarketing, decisionprocess, Users, influencer, purchasingagent, deciders, gatekeeper, rebuy, value, valueanalysis, and vendor
Cost: 25
Name: Marketing Week 4 Notes
Description: These notes cover the content of lectures 5 and 6 as well as chapter 5 from the text book
Uploaded: 09/17/2018
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