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UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo 2443 - Class Notes

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> > > > UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo 2443 - Class Notes

UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo 2443 - Class Notes

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry
Professor: Michael Smith
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Orgo 2443
Description: These notes cover everything covered on the power-point as well as all examples and comments made by professor.
Uploaded: 09/19/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chi 3 alkane - - - alkene -H - hydrocarbon with singe Cards (CnH2n+2) - double boods -CEC - X = F, cl, Brit alkyme halde alcohol ether ether -c'f 714 - f r amine (0) --1 (2) - - 24 (3) - = Ni- Hydrocarbon - compounds composed of only C and If Alkanes - hydrocarbon's with only single bonus C, methane G heptane Cz ethane Lg Octane Csopropane C6 honane Cy butane Codecane Cs pentare Cil undecane C6 hexane Liz dodecane Study Souphomologues Siffer by che grap S-CH-es the "so" Shrichiel unit kom which in smole bydrayer has been removed in an alky/ group - an alkon - CHE mothy propy / V isopropyl clo CH2 CH3 150 popul Alkane Alkyl CHy methane alkane Consthomel Isones Colo Br Commen alkyl groups CzHO-CH2-CHs lethyl CHE-CH2 - CH3 - CH2 CH2 CH3 / propyl chy-CH-C1tz / iso popyl butyl Sec - butyl tert-buty / Hyld IsobutyNomenclature of amines common: haned as Alk, Lamme CH; NH2 CH3NH CH CH2 CH3 CH3 CH - N-alb mell, love methylprogly amine trimethylamine Cha Cha CH, CHE NHA L its cha it City Chechte T-butanamehe Nit My Otto N-ethyl-3-hexanamine CH; CH2 CHN-01, Jelly Chisch cha CH, NHCH3 N-etyl-N-etes/ - - propanamine a 3-chlore-N-methy! --- Lituh. Bri CHgche ch chic chi NH CHECHE y-bromo - N,N-dimethy - z pentarar IV-ethyl-5 methyl - 3- heranamine CH CHO O N HCA CICHY 2-chyl-N-propyl beraamine Quaternary Ammonium sults che Chy -NH-CH, Hot CH3 CH2 CH2 - N - CHz / CH3CH3 totranethylammonron cthyl dimethylpropylammonum chloride Story Song Vox CHE style (Astudy Soup

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