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Mason - ECON 103 - ECON 103 CH1 - Class Notes

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> > > > Mason - ECON 103 - ECON 103 CH1 - Class Notes

Mason - ECON 103 - ECON 103 CH1 - Class Notes

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School: George Mason University
Department: Economics
Course: Microeconomics
Professor: Donald Boudreaux
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Economics, Microeconomics, and Econ 103
Name: ECON 103 CH1
Description: These notes cover the first chapter of Microeconomics. The economic approach. Quick overview of first chapter, will help on final
Uploaded: 09/20/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chapler 1: The Economic Approach como SJ + bet Burgw voyap h109ads Jan 24x39wYWNL: 30 pres SWOLVO Swoud about scarcity fundamental concept of economics Hot indicales that there is less of a good and than people would like Our Choices - presents us from our desires resources to produce Choice the act of selecting among alternatwes ($1004 Yaya 079 tommon- Mind dus : Simona pod 24 sn n o podle u zaslom mokas wat wypad-(1841 ) Kapacus luasan sburgosursu '$1064 nmos ostas $rant Suono sadopami puoi usa) wamenu tradeoffs chats economy digjective: O fact losed on close rode phenomena that is not influences . Suurjective on opinion Wased on person preferences and vow judgments woudouosad u 5707309 pha hanno 0-aldo shtags harron onus Yorony S smu nenuos mumuno uomo grad - onlar shunarod WoMo Sanat pouzo huwagro y g Syur - person in poverty in the us. considered wealthig in Africa wcity otron 88049T cottoning. Allocating a limited supply of a good or resouls among people who of foutros politicos shatus politiche manipulotion friends will inftvertsal poi A 21044 9 7 440 ronning Puurune furono possui um 35 jona suhogo ndeat samsa OM C 21328 4843 2WD 1904 pon 4 ouma en ou u HT U UDEROM O D 3 h o orket cuonomy S uite r tion to those willing for to pay price so you have to pay is Scoople. JU LUTE SEHOLD PROSECRET Scientific thinking developing a theory from basic prinelpless testing it Bon events in the real word either verible of retable ETU Positive 3 Normative Economics portive economics - of what is among economic relationships normative atomic judgment loout what ouent to be in economic kters based on wegegements hot fourt statu to Paspalls to Avdio in Economic Thinking panib nd o n volation of the Courts Paribus condition can lead One to Draw the Wong Conclusion Cekus Poribus other things constant 2) Good Mentions Do Nyx Guarante Deslode Outcomes 3) Association is not causation 47 The fallacy of composton: What's True br One Might Not be true att for all fallacy of composition-enroneous view that what is the for the individual is thus for all microeconomics - branch of Economics that focuses on how human behavior afels We conduct of affairs of narrowly defined units ind. households, Gims) macroeconomics the branch of clanetics that focuses on how human behawior affects outcomes in highly approvades.cancers GODNOSNO ETTET DOME Concorde - 2002 TU rud G OL W.99b .UUDETE method of competthon natural outgrowth of sarcity desire of humans to mprove Ramoning price: Respleengage in income generating activities Influences that in turn produces goods & services t o nature of using other methods of rationing causes pecxple to waste time competition celo competition important to economic pregress /04 y results in highur unges benefits, better working condi to remer better less exp. goods services Ho o ne on MORE The bonomic way of thinking 200 m como economic theory a sk of definitions postulats en principues assembled in a manner that makes chat the cause-and-effectivelationships DUBLIC Eignt Guide posts to Economic Thinking a d 1) The use of scarce resource is cootky, 80 decision-makers must make trade of opportunity - highest valued aberrative that must be Suck A kad as a result of-choosing an option of bil onder bagsco Wyssowedly or 60tbly on camur rencanch) 2) individuals chock purposefully they try to get the wicht prom nexo med resources economising benoudare choosing the option that others the greatest benent at the wwrot possible cost utivity-thesujectie, benefit osobisten Schtsfaction a person expects froma. Choice course of action 3) incentives matter. Changes in incentives in Huance human choices in a predictable way. Guth montossy nonmonetary incentives enoterasy 4) Wibividuals make decisions at the margin. Cada.cost vs. acld. Knefit moonam-term used to describe the effects of a change in the current situation 5) Amough information can help us make better choices, its acquisition is costly 6) Beware of the secondary effects Economic actions shen genere indirect direct Secondong erfects the indirect impact or an exent policy that isn't menedikty observable The would good of wo 00000 o C Vice la subjective is subject 8) The test of a theory is its ability to precio cf

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