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CLEMSON / History / HIST 1720 / What triggered the development of writing?

What triggered the development of writing?

What triggered the development of writing?


School: Clemson University
Department: History
Course: The West and the World 1
Professor: Professor dunn
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: History; The West and the World; Ancient Greece; Ancient Israel; Egypt; Mesopotania
Cost: 25
Name: HIST 1720
Description: Part 2 of the Early Civilization notes
Uploaded: 09/20/2018
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Early Civilization Part 2 6/30/18 Mediterranean & Middle East → earliest societal development Writina may have been developed due to com

What triggered the development of writing?

civilization (necessity to record info - business instructions on conducting business - government - law system to If you want to learn more check out How was moral crisis a grave problem in the roman republic?

- pelicion → instructions on managing wealthy Mesopotamia → earliest evidence of writing (2500 BC) If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between patrilocal and matrilocal residences?

* Cuneiform: oldest eform" of writing

Where was the earliest form of writing found?

- evolved from pictorial to alphabet like symbols Phoenicia → origin of alphabet writing Technological invention contributed to complexity of society 2500 BC-1000 BC: Bronze Age

- bronze useful in weapons, but expensive After 1000 BC: Iron Age

How did the form of writing evolve during the middle ages?

.-icon more plentiful, less expensive

- iron could only be pounded into shape Middle Ages use furnaces to cast metal, more uses Yoke easier farming Don't forget about the age old question of What are the various functions of tissue as cell groups?

led to greater economic development and food supplies Wheel easier transportation

- led to rapid economic growth and widespread travel

Bronze Age

settled civilization. - most people are peasants growing food for themselves & others) - slaves below peasants

• war prisoners - craftsmen above peasants (producing stuff) - merchants above craftsmen (buying & selling stuff) - aristocratic elite above merchants If you want to learn more check out What does the law of multiple proportions imply?

a administrators/ bureaucrats manage law

religious officials

o military * old function of priests = legitimize government / bureaucrats

- Kings above aristocratic elite If you want to learn more check out What are the two sources of criminal law?

king - aristocratic elite strict social hierarchy We also discuss several other topics like What does moore's law uphold?

- merchants

t craftsmen - peasants

I slaves (Two forms of Gov = City-state and Empire

* (most common throughout early history)

- both ruled by kings Women had no political power

☆ had some societal power in plow-based societies Numeracy important in complex societies

Sumer math system based on 10s * Other societies had sexagisimal system (based on 6) •


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