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Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 4

Created by: Yao Li Elite Notetaker

> > > > Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 4

Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: Tulane University
Department: uncategorized
Course: Beginning Japanese I
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: A summary of particles
Name: ASTJ1010 week4 note
Description: A summary of particles
Uploaded: 09/23/2018
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Unformatted text preview: NEPRDOOR Monday Poo Vocabulary Quiz 9/17/2018 Mistakes in last home work to Phuth bot 13" } lf"h borasi ZFt.) 2. AM: 27tik 13" BK HP P22 az " & " similiarity marker eg 52 thi Tello bthl'h 7" 7. Etite th Ella behih 27. alsoDate 9/18/2018 Lopah us home town n lupj state le op 353 <ly; --2575th vet 31-3-h Only in katakana word Noun la Noun 20 t. 7 I vertical Noun L. Adjective 27. y Affirmative Cho's It Do Lu 2" 7. J thalt in Brie 27 14 16 t Di 0<42. Short-> height *to'o stall foto ult to 127. sneak Sweet Negative 22SSSSSSS 7 th II Coleh lah l to Tall en te P7Z BLAT Partides: 14 : topic marker E also 0 : of E: object marker E: exact time : question marker tz : you right? K : You know. daolenDate 9 21 2018 cade lika Bellct thto. 2" 100+ F" TI. grammarticle subject marker {"div" *17. Listening section from LI, L2 0 Text! Lesson 1&2 Monday 120 Grammar (mul efple choices 3 tbrood show and tell Tuesday (Presentation) print it ZA sentences, use ady. P25, 87,18 ! State the object 2. negative of No.1 3. Where is it from 4 negative of No.2 5. adj. 6. negative of No.5 7. adj. t adj. t adj. 2017

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