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University of Memphis - CHEM 1110 - Class Notes - Week 4

Created by: Heather Thomasovich Elite Notetaker

> > > > University of Memphis - CHEM 1110 - Class Notes - Week 4

University of Memphis - CHEM 1110 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: University of Memphis
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I Lecture
Professor: Henry Kurtz
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Chemistry, chapter2, KenshaClark, Clark, UniversityofMemphis, and Chem1110
Name: Chemistry Chapter 2 Notes
Description: These notes cover the concepts and equations in Chapter 2
Uploaded: 09/23/2018
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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 2: THE QUANTUM MECHANICAL MODEL of AN ATOM DJJJJJJJJJJJJ. Crest Guarun memories was developed to expain the behavics of these tiny particles watomie pacties benave much differently than maroscopie partides Cemento mokake undee Some conditions they behae like partides. Sbonctimes brave live waves Plechly doserving electrons is impossible because it changes its behavior Much of an atas behavice comes from the elections The have properties of an electron give wattex its behavior Wave Fundamentals midt wavelength is in nom amplitude is vertical distance from malime worlogth to crent trough Frequency (v) is of waves that pass through a particular peint in Iseond (2 lentes) . speed of a wave is Animo W HZ Wave Interference WAVE DIFFRACTION PARTICLES DENT Constructive interference amplitude gets larger when two in phase waves combine (ex. everyone yells at once and its loud Destructive Interference - two out-of-phase waves cancel each other out - ex, youre in a crowded room and cant hac what your friend is saying Electromagnert adletion - emission and transmissio of energy - Bladmy radiation when healed, e oscillats, electromagnetic radiation released Value of the speed of light (a type of electromagnetic radile lich) - 3.0*10mis (in a vacuum use the small c Wave Nature of Light - different wavelengths offerent colors - different amplitudes de brightness - the color you see is the opposite of the colec being absuched white light is a mixture of all cours of visible light red has longest 2. vielet has the shortest 2 highest enerou"trebency and wavelength are inversely proportional A RADIO WAVES MicROWAVES INFRARED LIGHT LONGER 2 LOWER ENERGY SHORTER 7. VISIBLE LIGHT HIGHER ENERGY ULTRA VIOLET X-RAY Gamma Rays Cosmic RAYS Wavelength frequency Speed of lignt C3,0710 "Cis constant. So if you know 1 or you can cakulate the other THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM Definition the range of wavelengths of all possible electromagnetic radiation Short 2 high / nigh energy Song - low v Gamma Rays - highest energy dangerous to humans ex. Sun, Stars X-Rays have medical uses -Can be harmful in large amounts w Radiation-cause of sunburns Visible light violet (smartest 1) to red longest 1) not enough energy to damage humans Infrared-emitted by warm oojects Microwaves- radars nd microwave ovens easily absorbed by Hab Radio Waves transmit signals V I DEOS2.3 ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY AND THE BcHR. MODEL Alamic Spectroscopy the study of electromagnetic radiation emitted absorbed by atoms Atomic SPECTRA atoms absorbenecay and emit it as lont - different elements are different colis Wanits emission spectrum series of bright lines formed by passing light emitted by an element through a prism - can be used to identify an element - the white light spectrum is continuous Clocks like a long wainbow rectangle - Spectra of elements are briant lines with dack between Rudberg equation - predicts i of hydrogen emission spectrum -Rimana ) min are integers Ritt B= (1.097 xon The BOHR MODELE Niels Bobic Danish phusiast - tried to Oceata model for the atom that explained atomic spectra - Stahcacy States-electrons orbits at fixed distances from nudeus proposed electrons only produce sadiation when moving between stationary states electrons are never observed between States Stationary States are only at fixed positions this is why enissia Spectrums are made of lines the energy produced by an electrons transition is the difference between the states it transferred between Smaller tunsition less enerou ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY AND THE IDENTIFICATION OP ELEMENTS EMISSION SPECTRUMS ARE LIKE AN ELEMENTS BARCODE plame test can identify elements in compound by color of flame absception spectrum derk lines on bront background K

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