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UVU - Art 1023 - Intro to Film Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > UVU - Art 1023 - Intro to Film Notes - Class Notes

UVU - Art 1023 - Intro to Film Notes - Class Notes

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background image Intro to Film 1023 Notes Dialogue/ Monologue  Introduction of sound gave us the opportunity to talk & give dialogue! Purposes: o Reveal Character o Tell back­story o Creates conflict o Relieves tension o Move plot forward Good Dialogue: o Flows naturally o Contains subtext  o Reveals characters thoughts o Brief but accurate o Doesn’t complicate or confuse o Isn’t redundant Helpful Hints: o Eavesdrop on others conversations o Keep a log o Develop a good “ear” for dialogue o Know your characters o Separate the characters voices o “A &B” your script o Make sure your characters don’t sound like you o Make characters sound their age o Avoid “Q & A” dialogue like plague Subtext: o What the character means, but doesn’t say o One of the most powerful ways to give back­story Monologue: o There’s a time and place for everything o Usually avoid monologues o Can be long or short o REVEAL THE CHARACTER
background image What is monologuing: o One character speaks for an extended period o One character brings other characters up to speed o  Motivational pep talks Montage: IMPORTANT o Short clips  o Usually with music o Passage of time Pacing: The “adrenaline shot” of writing process Moving the plot points in an organized and thought­out structure Act 1= slower, more deliberate Act 2= more consistent, faster at times of conflict Act 3= faster and faster, resolution slows back down Structure: Beginning­ act 1 Middle End Scene structure: Follow structure in every scene and follow dramatic structure

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Introdution to Film FF
Professor: Jill Robinson
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Film, Art, notes, and review
Name: Intro to Film Notes
Description: We took detailed notes on dialogue/ monologue. Study for the quiz coming up!
Uploaded: 09/26/2018
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