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SYRACUSE / STEM / IST 195 / What is howard aiken's contribution on online education?

What is howard aiken's contribution on online education?

What is howard aiken's contribution on online education?



What is howard aiken's contribution on online education?

Lecture topics on the first IST 195 midterm exam:

week 1


• Massive Open Online Course

• distracting the educational environment

• “what has the characteristics of a mooc?”

• involve videos of lectures, assigned readings, assignments, and interactive  discussions

• Showrooming

• seeing something in a store and buying it online instead

week 1

• Howard Aiken

• harvard professor created one of the first business computers

• Mark1

• 1944 computer howard made

• 305 RAMAC

• ibm computer 1956

• Moore’s law

• Gordon Moore - scientist at Intel

What does moore's law uphold?

• everyone 24 months, the number of transistors doubles and the cost per transistors  decreases

• held true for 50 years

• reason why computers have stayed around the same price

• Types of Computers

  • PC - personal computer MAC or WINDOWS

  • Server - more powerful serving web pages or gaming services   • Mainframes - mainly used in financial transactions - $6 figures$   • Super Computers - can process LARGE amounts of data per second - $7 figures$     used for weather, NSA

• Green Computing

• virtual computing - idea of one computer using software to virtualize as more than one  computer If you want to learn more check out What were the demographics of chinese like during the exclusion movement?

week 2

• Information Warfare

• a tactic used to persuade others to vote for the “more deserved” candidate • “what methods did the russians implement in the 2016 campaign”

What are the different parts of a document?

• the Internet Research Agency

• Internet Research Agency

• Russian’s created the IRA to put out ads online to persuade voters

• Social Algorithms

• how do they determine what shows up in your feed

• Affinity - how close is the relationship between the user and the content • Weight - how likely the content being shared will drive engagement

• Time Decay - how recent/current is the content

• Video - calculated by a user who watches greater than 50%

week 3

• Posts bared on timely news If you want to learn more check out What should be considered in publishing research?

• Rehabilitation Act of 1973 We also discuss several other topics like When was the english bill of rights written?

• federally funded cant discriminate against disabilities • Section 504

• anyone with a disability cant be excluded from any benefits

• Section 508

• amended in 1998 - federally funded WEBSITES cant exclude disabled people • ADA

• private sector - same rules  

• Office of Civil Rights

• fall under the dept of education at the federal level out assuring compliance • WCAG

• web content accessibility guidelines

• 4 Principles of WCAG

• perceivable

• operable, understandable, robust

week 3

• Client vs. Server Side vs. Mobile Languages

• client - scripting, HTML

• server - people logging into your website

• mobile - on a phone or android

• JAVASCRIPT works for all 3

• Structure of a Document

• html, head, title, /title, /head, body, /body, /html

• Title Tag

• important for search engines, bookmarking, visible page name • Heading Tags

• important for search engines

• Image Types

• gifs - 256 colors, has transparency, small file size If you want to learn more check out What are some of the strategies of self-promotion?

• jpegs - millions of colors

• png - millions of colors and transparency  


• Cascading Style Sheets

• fonts, colors, layouts

week 5

• only styles the document

• Formulas vs. Functions We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between statutory law and equity law?

• Formula - add, subtract, PEMDAS

• Functions - average, sum

• Conditional Formatting

• allows you to set rules for cell formatting

• EX. LAB - if passing class, GREEN : if failing class, RED • Pivot Tables

• quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data  • Delimited Files

• separating the values in each row with specific character  • moving excel file into another median

week 4

• Big Data

• First, Second, Third Party Data

• first you own

• second you obtained

• third you bought

• The four V’s of Big Data

• volume - how much data is coming in

• velocity - how fast it comes in

• variety - how different is the data

• veracity - how trust worthy is it

• 4 Major Types of Data

• structured - delimited data

• unstructured  

• semi-structured - email (beginning says who its to and from but then the body of the  email is random)

• geospatial - facebook checkins, snap geofilters - things that rely on location • Data Warehouse

• cloud based, flexible and scalable for computing and storage, and handles structured  and semi-structured first and third party data Don't forget about the age old question of What happens to cognition after the age of 50?

• Dashboards

week 5

• Steganography

• hiding something in something else either a message or an image

• Cryptography

• scrambling symbols

• Definition - “the art of writing or solving codes”

• Kryptos

• sculpture at CIA headquarters

• Caesar Ciphers (3 types)

• shift cipher

• multiple numbers as keys

• words as keys

• Encryption/Decryption

• to encrypt, 2 keys means C=E and F=H

• to decrypt, -2 keys means C=A and F=D

• EX. if the original is “camille is crazy” and it’s shifted 5, the outcome would be hfrnqqj nx  hwfed

• Multi Factor Authentication

• something you know, something you are, something you have

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