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UGA / Marketing / MARK 3000 / Define quantitative research.

Define quantitative research.

Define quantitative research.


School: University of Georgia
Department: Marketing
Course: Principles of Marketing
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Marketing
Cost: 25
Name: MARK 3000 Exam 2 ClassNotes
Description: notes over exam 2
Uploaded: 09/27/2018
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Define quantitative research.

Study Soup

what characteristics è values set you apart

classic stones about you>story of why you're patient Think about jobs, class, volunteering, extracurice, identify your "branding" stones


Refine your stones

t S-situation O-obstacles

A-actions R-results

Story Tips

What will be used for the sampling frame?

be concise, direct action onented

GPA: look at my Janior-senior year

bgot too much in to partyingt recovered extra credit

think about target audience... aleshous you ask reflect personer brand

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The Research Process 1. Defining objectivest Research needs 2 Designing the research 3. Data collection Process 4. Analyzing Datat Data Dulpmt 5. Action pian implementation

In sampling issues for primary data, what type of sample will be used?

If you want to learn more check out What are the consequences of floating-point systems?

"Secondary Primary

extemal secondary data

Syndicated data

• Telavia Integrates Nielson Digital

Ri :scannerdata J... Power 'Simmons Mancet Research Database: breaks down to Don't forget about the age old question of Whose livelihood most threatened by the increase # of chinese immigrant workers?

consumer level Intumal secondary Data

Data warehouse Data Mining ? making sense that of company's We also discuss several other topics like Glycolysis occurs in the cytosol and has ten steps split into what phases?

touchpoints w/ consumers " target uses habits in its stores ex Target sending baby coupons Don't forget about the age old question of What determines how much we eat?

Panaan Data collection

Qualitative methods (Precursor to quantitative)

provides initial Mformation

generally in-depth unstructured includes

- Observation

in-depth interniews fuaus amps Social media research interested in loyalty


s observation


mechanical cused in anthropology) ethnographic: immersing oneself into an

environment to gain insight Marceters track shoppers'

retinas: shelf placement/

merging wash Packaging: Axe Body .. wally design

to rectangular design of bottle made it more appealing We also discuss several other topics like What is a market price?
We also discuss several other topics like State the four basic financial statements.


Lo StudySoup

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Social Media Research monitoring blogs

online communities sentiment mining


@ study

In depth internews


somewhat unstructered time corrsumingt costly Focus Grps

grop of 8-12 consumers discuss I topic

facilitation by tramed monitor Quantitative Research

large #s of respondents statistically valid

can generaire Experiments

Changing a variade tanalyzing results usually change one of & Pist look at either sales or awaheness field or lab

® studyso


udy Soup

study Soup

Study Soup

Study Soup

Issues wl Guneys

Interviewer bias

presence of interviewer may change responses concumer unwillingness to participate

to increase? Types of ?s

a #scale


common Types of Questions

Structured or unstructured

fill in the blank profective technique

Questions to Avoid

leading Double barreled

· Jargon or inappropriate technology

consumer unable to answer

Inapprova ex. Nike Ad

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bomen we




Ordering of ? -sensitive?s at end



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study Soup


.L. -






> Soup

Sampling issues for primary data Who is the population? What will be used for the sampling frame?

d ise device/ list from which potential

respondentsý are selected How do you know who is in the universe

(pop. of interest)? What type of sample will be used?

systematic random simpie random Stratified random divide pop. into grps.

Step 5: Action Plan Implementation

executive summary body conclusions limitations Supplements mcluding tables, faunes, appendices

upominoes pizza example

ucuft tastes lice cardboardo cuses negative criticism to excite them



Coca-Cola's coorporate Brand campaign 91211181. honesty, Smart water brands are also represented dose

thru a water efficiency organization " organitea.

priep premum juice

clean water

business thrives when community Thrives"

" thanks for listening, were listening too" Starbucks campaign

"Meet me at Starbucks?

Filmed in 28 countries in ONEday

..byscrapeboacing, postcards, dolls being mades "small businesses families, live music practice, bride getting

meet there ready, couples kissing ppl using sign birthdays celebrated language, babies, Skateboarders

t And a Starbucks in the city & we start our lives

that day) from there , "When we get together "see you tomorrow" want to be known as a 3rd place to share

interests/joy emotions a 3rd place between work & home

Ly wasn't marketing the product, marketing centered around what happens inside Stan

in response to the a black men getting amested in starbucks


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Study Soup



Brand ownership

Manufacturer brands or national brands

private label brands

premium copycat

generic exclusive co-branded ex. Kroger carries "Private selection" o brand,

labeled as a premium brand higher quality

Study Soup

ex- plastic cups w/ no name is genenc

X. store brand placed next to name brand,

looks some, nas same ingredients is

a copycat brand ove medicines placed

next to brand name medicines ex. J-Lo woncing with Marc Anthony only at

Kohl's is exclusive co-branded

@study Soup

(everything hashames



Brand ownership

who owns the brand common

млцfacewer name or


shidy SOLA


Brand Extention

take existing brand namet put it in a different

category .ex.State Farm you think insurance)

also offer loans, credit cards, checking&savings

brand nam known for insurance put "plopping out

into a different category Brand Dilution ex. Lebo pneumating brands in Space Jam evaluate the fit between the product lass of the wore brand the extension evaluate consumer perceptions of the attributes of the core brand't slek




@ Stud

co-branding .ex. unexpected partnership: Bounce laundry

with Axe

ex. Doritos Blaze w/ mountain Dew Ice

(sing off) o fire with ice Brand Repositioning

extremely challenging once we form our opinions... brands have to engage in

this repositing process . Dawn soup usually just sits on counter by sink... now incorporated an air si

meshner into the packaging so it

treshens room special Ki a weight loss cereal brand, now aims to que comen nutrients t

empower Women in their everyday

lives: "Feeding strength" #powering you Functions of packaging

contain & protect o promote facilitate storage, use tconvenience facilitate recluing appl feel empowered when they done

provide information brand Stropicana e packaging, (cost them $35 Mil

moved from orange with straw to a glass of orange juice

facilitate reaching

looked like genenc



Tiger Woods on "Just Do it" campaign



Innovation & value changing customer


Why do firms create new . products?



study Soup


24% 34% Teany laten

3400 340



(laggare og



Diffusion of Innovation

very tied to

A tradition

T'w heavy Ibon majority majoniy

16°10 mfluence innovators ludopters

I time of ladoption of the innovation Shored by ventursome

Obsessive w/ trying delivery & Iskeptical

out new ideas y weign pro's 'adopt a product

& cons... after their

evaluation friends give

"Stamp of Orented to

approval wommunity .grp.norms


V studySoup



- opinionated


Identify the Goup

options taking time to evaluate

the options: cany majority enjoys taking risks rinnovator -don't have email: laggards

using the Diffusion of innovation Theory

extest driving compatabilily Obsewability

Factors. - relative

Affecting radvantage Product plusion thability


How Firms Develop new products Didea generation

• source of ideas:

internal Rto licensing

• R&D

.ex.ideagency @concept testing

e product development (product is unfinished)

protolype alpha testing Ctesting inside company) beta testurig Htesting outside the company)

ex. Google glasses

w not just unew", "better"

maketing of Hyundai MOJке Testino premanet tests manceting Hests

customers exposed

mini product launch tgather feedback

to how much did

they sell Vafter, can

tweak marketing


6 Product Launch

Amazon's most successful New

Product Launch Ever

Amazon Fire TV: Gary talking to inanimatere

ipad = most successful product launch © Evaluation of Results

Study Sous


ex. 1990's Coor's water

1999 cosmopolitan yogurt





Study SOUR


Lanham Act Brand names prot protected by Lanham Act

popsiche crockpot Jacuzu Styrofoam ...

. frisbee

cheeros ziplock

rollerblade kleenex Band-Aid


Study Soup

9126/18 Brand Repositing in.st responding to the environment

•Dunkin Donuts dropping "Donuts" to focus on

Coffee & tea

· weight Watchers is changing its name

to a ww":focusing on overall health & wellness company is responding to environment Customers) to Nebrand & reposition their products











PLU:product life cycle



-) Study Soup


Product Life Cycle concept most products follow a similar pattern

of growth & decline is intro | growth matunity decline

r osales




time "How do 4 pus change this cune?"

outliers: non-traditional PLC'S

there are outliers on the curve Stages in the PLC-what type of

Ointroductory Stage NOT r

for the product *prinary demand brant category... need to raise awareness

that pwduct exists

ex. Iconic u Got Mik" : raise consumption

o increase pronay demana & Growth Stage

*selective demand: seeing advantages of

"how brand is different

from the others tag lines, companies investing in deus vous

intireaselde product lineu

Study Soup

PLU product lifecyde


Product Life Cycle concept most products follow a similar pattern

of growth & decline is intro / growth maturity decline

--sales ---profit

Study Sou


Lady Sou




"How do 4 pis change this cune?"

outliers: non-trad mohal PLC'S.

there are outliers on the cure Stages in the PLC - what type of Introduct ony Stage

# prinan demand NOT

for the product brant category... need to raise awareness

that product exists ex. Iconic "Got Milc": raise consumptiont

increase priway demand Growth Stage *selectivet demand: seeing advantages of

how brand is different

from the others tag lines, companies investing in delisious intreaselded product lineu


Study Soup

Buaturity stage

main competitors need to decide how .

to grow their product making decisions oue .ex. Uber Eats: who was in their target market?

commercial of guy in 20's watching Du football & not wanting to take

his eyes of game so orders McDonalds beame stage

entails if we didn't do this already would we launch it now?"... if so

answer is ano", company needs to abandon the product

Peter Dripper. nonchappens, every 2-3yrs)

Extending time in the PLC

during maturity phase is when you want brand to remain the longest

strategies to help brand remain longer:

increase frequency of use (focus on existing customers)

ex toothönush put a smhp on toothbrush to

indicate when you need to replenish a your toothbrush (changing product designs

So customers purchase a new one . . every 3 mois instead of getting ongientit




«) Study Soup

Study Soup

Johnson s


increasing user #, increasing #you

should purchase

Căupbell soup: Johnson

recipe on can made a body

calls for multiple wash for

cans of soup sore adults introducing new users


lappe buy more

Study Soup

Amie Hammer: can mix w/ toothpaste,

use on "carpet Outliers on PLC

some fads, trends, niche mancets, seasonal mancets

at time, think unique & would last

Forever ex.Sillybands, powerrangers,

chi-chi-chia plants marcerers think producto 'would


Fads -risky


Study Soup

FADS) last sales |

А с

-16. уалерея долі,

lose ao lop 1 of $

3 2012 2013 time



(fashion trends) > last longer than Fads

• 60°S hippie mumnt, organic food ? TREN PS)



2012 2013



·mancetors try to forcast how long thends

will last fashion trends) Niche Mancer

target mancet that target a specific customer ex.protography, scrapebbacing, Skateboarding



normal PLC

s zor 2013


study soul




-) StudySoup

Study Soup

Seasonal Mancet

high growth, then drop quickly, ou 'the cream n ice cream l

. in summer in winter v

· ski resorts in summert ISEASONAL MARTI

A a normal


- 1 saysoup

Faves me

sales /


2012 2013 2014 2015



@ Study Soup


Guest Speaker

marketing you

- 9/12/18

•Speaker: Ms. Jones (Rixie)

•call people by their 1st name in work word

even if they're a lot older than you



What is "manceting"

getting someone

to buy cinto)

something idea carson How do you "get" someone to buy (in)?

influence the power to change or affect someone what is "branding?

your brand is your promise to your customer,

tells them what they can expect from products/services & differentiates your


what sets you apan?

- how you differentiate yourself from competition

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