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What is a brand?

What is a brand?


School: Syracuse University
Department: Advertising
Course: Best Advertisements in the Universe
Professor: Staff
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Advertising, research, Ogilvy, Brands, and Marketing
Cost: 50
Name: Best Ads in the Universe Test One Study Guide
Description: This is the study guide he sent us with all the answers filled out
Uploaded: 09/29/2018
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ADV 201 Best Ads in the Universe TEST ONE  

What is a brand?

Choose the BEST answer. Be careful to keep the scantron very neat. The computer will  mark you incorrect if you don’t.  

1) According to the American Marketing Association, what is a brand?  a. a name, term, sign, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s  good or device from those of other sellers  

2) According to David Aaker, a brand is:  

a. an organization’s promise to a consumer to deliver what the brand stands  for not only in terms of functional benefits but also emotional, self

expressive and social benefits  Don't forget about the age old question of What is agriculture?

3) Branding defines:  

a. what it is, what it stands for, personality, what it means to consumers, what  you expect from it  

4) People can be brands  

a. true  

5) Why do we create brands?  

What is brand awareness?

a. because brands are worth more money than products  

6) Who is Ralph Lipschitz?  

a. Ralph Lauren  

7) What is the largest clothing company in the world?  

a. Nike  

8) What is number 2 largest clothing company?  

a. Ralph Lauren  

9) What are the 4 P’s of marketing?  

a. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion  

10) Name one company that gives “values” to brands.  

a. Malboro, Coke, Nike, Sony  

11) When valuing brands, we consider: (underlined - most important) a. Market(growing, declining, trendy, steady?), Stability(how well  established), leadership(brand dominate the category?), internationality, trend (growth trend proves relevance to consumers), support (amount of  investment the brand receives), protection (ability to sustain brand legally)  12) What is the most valuable brand in the world?  

Who is the largest marketing influencer in the world?

We also discuss several other topics like What are the four goals for research in psychology?

a. Apple  

13) To build a strong brand, you need to be:  

a. hyper-focused, target market understanding, bold brand promise, human  characteristics, create an unfair advantage in the marketplace  

14) Who is Nike’s main advertising agency?  


a. Weiden + Kennedy  

15) An umbrella brand architecture:  

a. FedEx, FedEx Ground  

b. “using a single brand name for the sale of 2 or more products”  16) A product based brand architecture:  

a. P&G - Downy, Febreeze, Tide  

17) What are “brand attributes?”  If you want to learn more check out What is psychological science?
We also discuss several other topics like What is homosexuality?
We also discuss several other topics like What are neurotransmitters?
If you want to learn more check out Which contains an organism's complete set of dna?

a. functional and emotional associations which are assigned to a brand by its  customers  

18) Brand essence is:  

a. the heart and soul of a brand  

19) Brand awareness is  

a. customer’s ability to retrieve a brand from memory when given the  product category but not mentioning of the brand  

20) A brand’s core values are defined as:  

a. principles or philosophical ideology a brand lives up to  

21) Brand Equity is:  

a. attributes a brand “owns”  

22) A brand experience is  

a. experience a customer has when they come in contact with the brand  23) A brand extension is:  

a. leveraging the values of your brand into a new and unrelated marketing  segment  

24) A brand image is defined as:  

a. the image the customer has that comes as a result of the experience with  product performance and brand communications  

25) Brand Market Share is:  

a. percentage of all sales in a product category that your brand has achieved  26) Brand Loyalty is:  

a. the tendency to continue buying the same brand over and over  27) If I am brand loyal to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Wegman’s is all out of Ben &  Jerry’s ice cream, what would you expect me to do?  

a. drive to the vermont factory  

28) A brand personality is:  

a. set of human characteristics attributed to a brand  

29) What is the difference between a Brand Vision and a Brand Mission?  a. Brand Vision - a statement of what the brand is trying to accomplish in the  future  

b. Brand Mission - a short written statement of the brand’s purpose in the  lives of their consumers  

30) A brand contact is:  

a. Wherever and however a consumer comes into contact with your brand  31) Brands are primarily created through:  


a. communication  

32) The American Marketing Association defines Marketing as:  

a. the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating,  delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers,  clients, partners, and society at large  

33) Who wrote the first ever Marketing textbook?  

a. Jerome McCarthy  

34) The 1950’s and 1960’s is known as the “make it and sell it period” because:  a. we were coming out of the Depression and WWII  

35) America came under increased competition in the 1960’s because:  a. Europe had higher quality products and Asia had higher quality AND  cheaper  

36) In the 1970’s, American went from a product shortage to a product surplus. How  did they handle that?  

a. Globalized  

37) To try and sell more in the US during the 1970’s product surplus, companies did  what?  

a. Price Promotion - lower the price and consumers will buy  

38) The 1980’s were a decade of product re-engineering. What does that mean?  a. closing plants, reducing overheads, outsourcing/marketing pushed to  background  

39) The most important technological invention in the 1980’s in retail stores was:  a. Skanners  

40) The manufacturers controlled marketing until 1980 when retailers started  controlling marketing. Who has the power today?  

a. consumers  

41) What percentage of Americans own a cell phone today?  

a. 95%  

42) Professor Russell defined Marketing as:  

a. The manipulation of product, price, place, and promotion to maximize  sales and or profitability  

43) What is a KPI?  

a. Key Performance Indicators  

44) When Northwestern University asked consumers to define what advertising is and  isn’t, they said:  

a. paid form of persuasive communication that uses mass and interactive  media to reach broad audiences in order to connect an identified sponsor  with buyers (target audience) provide information about products (goods,  services and ideas), and interpret the product’s features in terms of the  customer’s needs and wants.  

45) The Russell/Sheehan simplified advertising definition say advertising is:  a. a sponsored message intended to persuade you to think, do, or buy  something  


46) What can advertising do for a brand?  

a. build awareness, create an image, provide information, persuade  consumers of your products benefits, provide incentives to buy, reinforce  past purchases  

47) The Old Spice commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa targets:  

a. women to buy men deodorant 

48) Name three things that make an ad effective:  

a. separates your brand from all other’s in consumer’s minds, creates a  memorable impression of the brand, and influences consumers to purchase  your brand  

49) The ad agency which started in 1970 and was #1 largest in the world by 1986  was:  

a. Saatchi  

50) The largest marketing influencer in the world is:  

a. PewDiePie (Felix Kjelberg)  

51) Key components of advertising include:  

a. Strategy (what im trying to accomplish), message (how I try to accomplish  it) media (where I try to accomplish it, evaluation (did I accomplish it?)  52) Old Spice is a good example of what kind of advertising?  

a. brand advertising  

53) Amnesty International is an excellent example of what kind of advertising?  a. non profit advertising  

54) Car dealer Billy Fuccillo’s “It’s Huge” is a great example of what kind of  advertising?  

a. local/retail advertising  

55) The four groups of people necessary for the creation and distribution of  advertising are:  

a. advertiser, advertising agency, suppliers, and media  

56) The main four departments in an ad agency are:  

a. account management, account planning/research, media planning and  buying, and creative development and production  

57) How is advertising regulated in America?  

a. industry self regulation, government regulation, consumer lawsuits, and  media review  

58) The main government bodies which regulate advertising are:  

a. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), FCC (Federal Communications  Commission), and FTC (Federal Trade Commission)  

59) Why was the AMVETS “Please Stand” ad rejected from the 2018 Super Bowl  program?  

a. for making a “political statement”  

60) Define “puffery.”  

a. advertising that claims that directly praises a product with subjective  opinions or superlative language  


61) Greenwashing is:  

a. statement products are “green” or environmentally friendly with no  substantiated proof  

62) Ariel’s Share the Load is an attempt to:  

a. get men to start doing laundry  

63) Why are we allowed to advertise products that science shows actually kills  people?  

a. freedom of speech  

64) Who is Susan Glenn?  

a. “the girl that got away” - Axe created this campaign for men to “get the  courage” to end up with their perfect girl that they are too nervous to talk  to  

65) The famous Ellen DeGeneres “Oscars selfie” was really:  

a. an endorsement  

66) How much was President Barack Obama paid for modeling a Weatherproof coat  at the Great Wall of China?  

a. $0  

67) The important thing to remember about communications models is:  a. to think of communications as a flow of messages from a sender to a  receiver (and sometimes back again) with the interruptions of noise  68) Remembering a celebrity in an ad, but not the brand is a good example of:  a. noise  

69) How do you stand out in the clutter?  

a. do something unexpected  

70) Hard sell advertising believes:  

a. the best way to persuade consumers is via rational “reason why”  messaging  

71) USP stand for:  

a. Unique Selling Proposition  

72) The “master” of hard sell advertising was:  

a. Ogilvy  

73) Soft sell advertising:  

a. focuses more on things like product association, image  

b. sells to the heart  

74) One very popular type of soft sell advertising is:  

a. Lifestyle advertising  

75) Lifestyle advertising:  

a. tries to reflect a target consumer’s lifestyle back at them showing how the  product fits in or complements that lifestyle.  

76) The “master” of soft sell advertising was:  

a. Bernbach  

77) When creating an advertising campaign, step one is:  

a. the problem statement  


78) Objectives are:  

a. what we are trying to accomplish  

79) Strategies are:  

a. how we are going to accomplish them  

80) How do you describe research that has been conducted by a third party?  a. Secondary research  

81) How do you describe research than you design and conduct?  

a. Primary research  

82) What do you call the information, which describes the market circumstances a  brand faces?  

a. Situation Analysis  

83) SWOT stands for:  

a. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats  

84) What do you call research with a large enough sample size to be projectable to the  population?  

a. Quantitative research  

85) In depth research designed to gain greater understanding is called:  a. Qualitative research  

86) Demographics are:  

a. attributes of populations, such as gender, age, geographic distribution,  income, and education.  

87) Psychographics are:  

a. attitudes or opinions held by certain groups of consumers  

88) What is a focus group?  

a. a group of people brought together to talk about a product  

89) When you watch shoppers shop you are doing what kind of research?  a. observational  

90) An ethnography is:  

a. scientists studying how a consumer uses a product  

91) Big Data is simply:  

a. algorithms that collect what we do online  

92) An insight is:  

a. an interpretation of research findings or data that allows you to perceive a  deeper meaning into the inner workings of the consumer, or the product,  or the category  

b. the ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things  93) What is the #1 most award winning ad agency in the world for 2017 according to  the Gunn Report?  

a. AlmapBBDO  

94) The most awarded brand for 2017 was  

a. Nike  

95) The most awarded ad of 2017 is  

a. Meet Graham  


96) Ubrew in Italy managed to get all other beer brewers to advertise their brand by  doing what?  

a. naming their beer “Responsibly” so other beer brands were advertising  their beer without knowing it  

97) In the IKEA “Retail Therapy” commercial, how do they get consumers to see  their products?  

a. IKEA renamed their products to different everyday problems so when  people googled these questions, IKEA products came up since they were  the same name  

98) Who is Justino?  

a. mannequin factory night security guard from Spain Christmas Lottery  commercial  

99) According to the movie Art & Copy, Dan Wieden came up with the idea for “Just  do it” for Nike when reading an article about:  

a. a criminal who was about to be killed on the electric chair and he said  “lets do it”  

100)This is the 100th question  


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