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Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 5

Created by: Yao Li Elite Notetaker

> > > > Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 5

Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 5

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School: Tulane University
Department: uncategorized
Course: Beginning Japanese I
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: で, ね, and を
Name: ASTJ1010, week 5 class notes
Description: The notes contains some adjectives we learned from the Kawaii presentations. The usage of particle で、ね。
Uploaded: 10/01/2018
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Unformatted text preview: D') Eet T vt til adj. early. 402954. > confirmation Shes Le Buz @ LEI. Fuzz @ 100 % E I. place of action tak * 3 YLIDO about what clock g 10/1/2018 Verb type " ; u-verb: end with u t 3. 6. 63.113, 14, 0& 3 Ru-verb: end with Ru 533.6 113, 73, 723 DL Irregular verb ! <3 153 5 & . verb, 2 tk '_) conjugation formal Ta tul), Is Eth - negative 2 Ft affair mativebear bunny Date 9 25 2018 kawii Show and Tell nga tribile 777 Bon au cute 15t; to be the way 2.511 vit small2. < The 3.5tL3w an interesting 3, 5 t pillow 4. 5 ) HR Favorites 4./1 5.EOLD Lu Fun 5. turtle 6.630 White * 76003) E Gray +8.6651 KW Big 9.00:30 u Light 10. t In 1 cheap, inexpensive Uit B 5mm sau soft 12. To ton han blue 13.6in ku Long 14, <361 Black 15,5p603 e Brown 16.C # 17..3,30 31 Cold ->tet bln Lunew 18.722102 cool 19. Enb beautiful 20. Ik by RAU Envien convenient zl. L3 <3 black and white Huffy 23. te 12<>( ) boring Special 22.7777Date 9 28 2018 Noun 1 lt Noun 22" Lesson 3 Noun I bet Noun 2 Up ". Lp to the only a adjective Workes here SSSSSSSSSSS for 1 adjective, the negative form is eg. 511) > 50th <" $57. Hi D5 Capt. or Bb F Cry the do 3 HCL (LEJ What do you do? no partide fer free particle @icolt EuZy0 Lt. voually what SODUL A 352"1" *D* B; LEI. 2 but no particle Cir" } LLE* T. Sometimes objecc marker obiect maker <"536" Elivo" Elmet time! days in weak Szextet affairmative Kith negative invitation to " Luha bt. Inz no I maybe not convenient?

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