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GSU - AH 2000 - Class Notes - Week 5

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GSU - AH 2000 - Class Notes - Week 5

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background image Art History Unit 5  VIDEO 1
Armory Show first exhibition of modern art, was slow
European avant garde art
Stuart Davis
Lucky Strike, 1921
Packaging of tobacco brand, american consumer
European cubism, american subject matter 
Jazz, swing music, connection to music, abstract
Hot still scapes for six colors, 1940
Arthur Dove,
Natural surroundings abstract style, spiritual (like Kandinsky)
American spiritual identity with resources and land
Georgia O'Keeffe,
Black Iris,1925
Alexander Calder
Mobile, 1932
First to make sculptures that interact with air
Inspired by monroe and mondrian 
Surrealist ­ chance/ abstraction is universal not Americanized
Precisionist _ simplified shapes, precise line work, minimal detail, smooth paint
Cubist and futurism, ­ish. Applied to American landscapes, industrialization (efficiency, speed )
background image Loosely associated through commonality Charles Darnuth,
Buildings, Lancaster
No people, just architecture, advertising, bold streamline
Charles Sheeler, 
Classic Landscape, 1931
Factory looks like landscape
background image VIDEO 2 Harlem Renaissance
New Negro movement
Racial pride, self determination
Augusta Savage, sculptor, teacher, community leader
Bust of WEB Dubois
Garmin, 1929
“Street urchin” bust of her nephew, she could depict black features well
Aaron Douglas, 
Let My People Go, 1935
Black people need distinct style from black sources 
Kinda cubist, art deco
Black culture had Emphasis on the return to Africa, 
He studied empires of Africa

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School: Georgia State University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Survey of Art Since 1900
Professor: Candice Greathouse
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Abstratctionism, harlem renaissance, and expressionism
Name: Unit 5 Notes
Description: These notes cover the information for the weekly quiz
Uploaded: 10/02/2018
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