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UVU - POLS 1100 - Class Notes - Week 7

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UVU - POLS 1100 - Class Notes - Week 7

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Week: 7 
POLS 1100  Chapter 6  Highlight  ​= Key term  Highlight  ​= Principle to remember  Highlight  ​= Overarching concept to remember      Political Knowledge of Americans  - Many Americans don’t have a lot of political knowledge and are ignorant with 
regards to politics and government 
The Marketplace of Ideas   - A good democracy involves a “ ​marketplace of ideas​”  - A marketplace of ideas is a public forum in which beliefs and ideas are 
exchanged and compete 
- There are three sources from which the marketplace of ideas is affected  1. Political leaders 
2. Private groups and interest groups (example: churches and community 
organizations)   3. The media     Private Groups  - This includes interest groups, churches, and community organizations    The Media  - The media is effective at telling Americans what issues should be important to 
- They have the ability to “frame” what it means for a politician to be 
- They can shape and influence the way viewers think about conflict (ex. 
Controversies in court cases and current political issues)  
- Agenda setting ​: the media controls the type of information that we receive  on a daily basis   - Framing ​: the media decides ​how ​to tell the stories on TV   
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Week: 7 
How to Measure Public Opinion  - We measure public opinion mainly through polls  - Polling must meet certain requirements (the requirement are highlighted)   - Random sample ​: a method used by pollsters to select a representative  sample  
- What is a representative sample?  - Every individual in a population has an equal probability of being selected 
as a respondent  
- Sample size ​: a sample must be large enough to provide an accurate  representation of the population   - All samples have a sampling error (in other words a margin of error)     - Question wording ​: survey responses can be affected based on the wording of the  question in the survey.     Different Types of Surveys  - Internet surveys (advantages)  - More efficient  - Relatively inexpensive  - Internet surveys (disadvantages)   - Oftentimes, don’t gather a random sample as well as other types of 
Concepts to Remember  - When looking at surveys,  ​make sure​ that the sample is random (a wide range of  people were surveyed), the sample size is large enough to provide accurate 
data, and the wording is direct and unbiased.  
- Know the various political ideologies and why they are important  - How are political values formed? (family, gender, race, friends, etc…)  - Understand the relationship between public opinion and public policy   - How can we determine if polls are incorrect?       Chapter 7  The Role of the Media  - The media is so important because it’s where most people get their information 

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Political Science
Course: American National Government
Professor: Richard Cho
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Chapter 6&7 Notes
Description: These notes cover what was discussed during week 7 of class.
Uploaded: 10/06/2018
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