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OU - ISE 3293 - Class Notes - Week 7

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OU - ISE 3293 - Class Notes - Week 7

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background image DSA/ISE 5013: Fundamentals of Engineering Statistical Analysis ISE 3293: Applied Engineering Statistics Lecture 14: Normal Distribution (continued) October 8, 2018 1 / 13
background image Announcement I HW4 is posted. I Project proposal deadline for graduate students: Oct.
2 / 13
background image Discussion: Exponential Distribution The main property of the exponential distribution is the fact
that it is MEMORYLESS. What does it mean?
3 / 13
background image Review Quiz (Extra Credit) The plots correspond to the 3 normally distributed random
variables: with standard deviations 1, 2 and 3. Which plot is
(A) Blue has σ = 1, Red has σ = 2, Green has σ = 3 (B) Blue has σ = 1, Red has σ = 3, Green has σ = 2 (C) Blue has σ = 2, Red has σ = 1, Green has σ = 3 (D) Blue has σ = 2, Red has σ = 3, Green has σ = 1 (E) Blue has σ = 3, Red has σ = 1, Green has σ = 2 4 / 13
background image Normal Distribution To calculate P(a ≤ X ≤ b) when X is a normal random variable with parameters µ and σ 2 , we need to calculate the integral: Z b a 1 2πσ 2 e −(x−µ)2 2σ2 dx This integral does not have closed-form solution! Alternative: A table for each µ and σ?!? x F(x) 0.01 0.34 0.02 0.35 0.03 0.37 . . . . . . 5 / 13

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School: University of Oklahoma
Department: Industrl & Systems Engineering
Course: Applied engineering statistics
Professor: Shima Mohebbi
Term: Fall 2018
Name: WEEK 7 Lecture 14: Normal Distribution (continued)
Description: DSA/ISE 5013: Fundamentals of Engineering Statistical Analysis ISE 3293: Applied Engineering Statistics Lecture 14: Normal Distribution (continued)
Uploaded: 10/11/2018
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