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SJSU - ADV 91 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Kara Wessel Elite Notetaker

SJSU - ADV 91 - Class Notes - Week 6

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background image ADV 91  Week 6 Notes   
Stereotype ​​: Is a widely held belief or image of a person, place, or thing.    
​​: Is a feeling of dislike toward a specific ethnic group.   
​​: Actions that harm those who you have a prejudice against.    
​​: Institutionalization of discrimination.   
6 Themes of Investigation by Goffman- refering the gender roles in advertisements 
1. Ritualization of subordination ​​- is when are shown in a lower ranking, showing they are  less important.  2. Function ranking ​​- represents a hierarchy in images.  a. EX: For example, a man would be pictured standing in front and appear larger  than his wife and kids.  3. Licensed withdrawal- is when a woman photographed does not seem interested in the  camera. Instead, she is looking off into the distance at something more important.   4. Relative size ​​- is shown when advertisements make women appear smaller than men  5. Feminine touch ​​- The way women touch objects softly appeals to most people.  6. The family ​​- this usually demonstrates close relations between a father and son or a  mother and daughter.  

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School: San Jose State University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Introduction to Advertising
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Week 6 notes
Description: These notes cover Goffmans theories and stereotypes.
Uploaded: 10/11/2018
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