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UVU - FREN 202G - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Carlie West Elite Notetaker

> > > > UVU - FREN 202G - Class Notes - Week 7

UVU - FREN 202G - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: OTHER
Course: Intermediate French II
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Week 7 Notes
Description: Focuses on Present Participle
Uploaded: 10/14/2018
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Unformatted text preview: The present participle To form the present participle, drop the -ons ending for the nous form of the present tense verb or replace with - ant. dire infinitive aller boire choisir dire crire faire lire parler prendre Vendre venir Nous form allons buvons choisissons dison's disons crivons faisons Dalisons parlons prenons vendons venons present participle allant obuvant choisissant disant crivant faisant lisant parlant prenant vendant venant Irregular forms tre : tant avoir: avant savoir sachant Studysio* when used as verbs, present participles are equivalent to English verbs ending n - ing. Typically preceded by the preposition en, meaning while or by Il lui a indiqu le chemin en regardant le plan du quartier He gave her directions while 100 king at the map of the neighborhood. * Use the present participle to say what caused something or how something occurred G rard s'est cass le bras en tombant du toit G rard broke his arm by falling off the roof. * En + [present participle can also mean_code that something is done as soon as something else happens. Equivalent to English expression upon + the + -ing 1 Il va t l phoner en arrivant a la gare He's going to call upon arriving at the station StySOUP

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