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UVU - CHEM 105 - Chemistry chapter 4 and 5 summary - Study Guide

Created by: Dakota Edens Elite Notetaker

> > > > UVU - CHEM 105 - Chemistry chapter 4 and 5 summary - Study Guide

UVU - CHEM 105 - Chemistry chapter 4 and 5 summary - Study Guide

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I
Professor: Debora Summers
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Stochiometry and Enthalpy
Name: Chemistry chapter 4 and 5 summary
Description: These are notes that are just reviews of the previous chapters.
Uploaded: 10/17/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Review Topics : Ch. 4 Il Stoichiometry is D Balancing Equations Net Ionic Equations Cchanges) A Molecular Equestions Uclassifying chemical Reactions Precipitation 99+99 >99 +) Solubilities : Soluble 191, metals None b steptions Halid Tondo, Br,I > Halides Hazt # 8224 A f1 g2 metal platest Acelale (64323) besar brate(Acoz Apne nitrate NO,) chlorate (d10.) Sulfate (50.2)500 12 Acid-Base Reaction acid + base = saltwater DOxidation-Reoluction Reachinery tetareges 1 oxidation 3 loss elections, reductions gain electrons I Reducing Agent a substance that is oxidine, oxidation Agent =sub, Realueing double agent" 2 Na(s) +@l, 2 Nocl(s) Belford 2N0 (s) 2 Na'cs) 2e ho plechons cha (g) +2017 No = oxidation cl = Reduction O Reaction Stoichiometry 2:3 ratio Stoichimetric factor: Dlmoles of A1 > moles of I, 2A1+3T, -> 2011, moles of I, = 0.421 mol Axml Al Smol2 - 0.644 molt Omoles of compounds atto moles of compound Blivo B che + co->3002+ 0.75 mol H x Tmara mol cos 1 $2V100% = 1.4x10Co, wolecule imanj mey moty (mail) Tador) Study Soup fodor dinosmas imass B tensity > Yolume Substance Parland wolar Amos Xmolx mol A = Xmal B moll volume Substance Solution Avot 602929107 Stoichiometru factor Avott 22102 2) Study Soup A Study som . Wola Amol B U Reaction Yield Il Limiting Reactant: Substance that limits Worcesses Peactants left over (most) Reactant granny ymal) yola Vinal 2A + 2B AB mol B =XgfB ZA Zymol B omol AB = y mol A MAMA = y dobl AB omol AB= y mol BX mol B = Ye | Percent Yield = Aerockalyala100% A livo.B Study Soup I Quantative Chemical Analysis Moles volume amb >mat Hostor (AstucySoup moles / condena Solu on Volume molar mass a Study Soup cor males (mol) malla A > (mol-mal) x malar mass Imol/ mass Sample masschis Thermochemistry = heat absorbed /released oluning Chemical/physio Istrergga Supply heat work Rugrks causing matter to move against an opposing force D Hegt. Hansfering thermal energy between 2 bodys @ diferent T. Thermal Equalibrium equal Temp. O calories = Amount of energy required to raise Ig water by lokgree (cal) calat u Soyle= amount of energy used when a force of 1N movesim (3) - N.m/s KgM2 N='s Heal = 4.18437 Study Soup A Study Soul StucySoup Heat capacity. Heat capacity what enable che Change in ter u Specific feat. Capacity camargo D calorimetry calorimeter = device used to measure amount of heat absorbered 9=(cx MxAT) 9.=-92 D Bomb (alorimeter ( StudySoup AU = Qtw neat twork Internal energy changeino PAVE-W Enthalpu hot H = U+ PV A4 = AU+ PV

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