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UB / Psychology / PSY 101 / How many parenting styles are there?

How many parenting styles are there?

How many parenting styles are there?


School: University at Buffalo
Department: Psychology
Course: Introductory Psychology
Professor: Larry hawk
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Cognitive Psychology, IntrotoPsych, Psy101, and Studyguide
Cost: 50
Description: - Emotion - Development -Intelligence *outline format*
Uploaded: 10/17/2018
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How many parenting styles are there?

Parenting styles_ Attachment


Day care effect e authoritive

-Independence equthoratarian

Ainsworth Un involved a 3

Strange Situation Adolesense Adult Puberty_o secure

• Subjective aging

- - no parents a feels young but is old -parente afecks old. But is launa

What happens to cognition after the age of 50?

We also discuss several other topics like Can astronomers deduce fingerprints for an element?

Relationships fo cognition after age 503 decreases 1. Perceptions after midde age-decrease d


o=friends /ooo

WOOOOO Intelligence

Theones / studies le Spearman : General & specific lo Stanford-Binet Test: measure of intelligence LIQ testi measure of intelligence

In what way does flyn effect affect one's iq?

We also discuss several other topics like What are some good food sources of vitamin a?

orann effect IQ increases by 3 every decade _ see list . Gifted = 10> Bo-135 o disability: mild moderate a severe - Gardener

elQ scores 56 70 4455 below 40 LoTypes of learning


Stambery old below 10 o Observe day to day actuity abilities o Post evidence


•types of




Chapters 9-12 (exam. 3)

- Emotion

Theories & Studies If you want to learn more check out What were used as subjects for medical education during the 18th century?

Cannon - Bard mind body activate same time To James Lange body activated before mina to Strack Sensory - facial Feedback [pencil test ! o Dutton & Aron - Two Factor [bridge test Behawior, label, emotion

4 Components of Emotion - Biology Don't forget about the age old question of What are the two major fractions of blood?

o physiological process o amygdala > Prepare

• Cooruitive process We also discuss several other topics like What are the challenges of deaf education?

o cerebral cortex + reflect obehavior

oitormones o emotional experience


-ex epinetron Cultural

• emotions are universal

emotional Leaklege expressed non verbally o emotion levels vary by gender We also discuss several other topics like What is the structure of the amygdala?


Theories & Studies to Nature us Nurture To genetic Building Blocks [celis → Nudeus →DNA Chromosomes Genes for Mid life Crisis - myth To Crickson 8 stages of life

Newborn to life course of women. [parents] o lean tempement mindset

o Piaget's theory theory] Prenatal Stage

- assolmilation To habituation getting used to something

comadation Joteratogen harmful environment for fetus to trimesters [zygote → body -> growth] to Zygote = fertilized egg_ to blastociest = mass of cells

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