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UTD - CHEM 2323 - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Abbie O. Elite Notetaker

> > > > UTD - CHEM 2323 - Class Notes - Week 7

UTD - CHEM 2323 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: University of Texas at Dallas
Department: Chemistry
Course: Introductory Organic Chemistry I
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Organic Chemistry, freeradicals, SN1, SN2, Stability of carbocations, carbocations, carbanions, and Chemistry
Name: CHEM 2323 Chapter 4 notes
Description: These notes cover what will be on the second exam (Chapters 4,6 & 7).
Uploaded: 10/19/2018
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Unformatted text preview: The mechanco's rolled Ferndal Chain Citron Chapter Four (Hem cal feations Chlorination methone is non-- Selective even though free radical preters 3 >) >I, CL (en attach anywhere on the combo conten bomination is different because Br will only attorch to the most stable Carbocitior, ve benzylic Allylic In a free rad. chap can, tor ere 3 steps: Intition (when the radicals tom) ea ch o(! + clo Propagation (when two intermediat es combine) A-96 cla ! >#-2-4 "Termination when you get rid of estry left-over free radicals t, > Hoc Arcont c hoc-d In a free radical reaction , indicate electron movemen't with half-arrows ONLY because oly One electron out the pair is moving. A radical is essentially an unhappy_atom because it her Only One election instead o two in Hs Outermart shell which is it KelutAll reaction /chemical fans howe an enungy diagram ISSUU 4 Stat . H Intense fate (dett Stage cos Imgher Steing maten Vacant) otel * e Cunstable radical Stage product May be oked to name the stages - Bond dissociation Energy BDE = (energy bonds formidl ---Cleary bonde free rach cal chain reaction in vowes several steps and several intermediates but the highert epergy step in the endo- thermic step which is when heat is absorbed to break borde. This is also the mate determining step because on the graph, it will be the highest hump out of. Hoe franation Carbowtion + Carbamion Free radicals TRENDS OF STABIH TY (-2+ 3 32'> > CH3 7 For att (6:0) Oche > 1 32 33 Y Benzylic Ally (ex) 3 >2"> tops the chart While Vinylic ends the 11111111111 CourtPOWER POINT PRACTICE PROBLEMS ethyl radial C- tut-butta Ladical Isopropyl radical dZodine otom - it CLC Hot 10 Initiation Hofta - # H 1st proposte p t ++ TUBE

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