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UVU - POLS 1100 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > UVU - POLS 1100 - Class Notes - Week 9

UVU - POLS 1100 - Class Notes - Week 9

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background image Week: 9 POLS 1100 Chapter 8 Highlight = Key term
Highlight = Simple principle to remember
Highlight = Overarching concept to remember
What Influences Political Participation?  ­ There are three general categories 1. Socioeconomic status 2. Political environment
3. State electoral laws
Socioeconomic Status ­ Individuals are more likely to vote if… ­ They have higher levels of education ­ Education is the most important factor when predicting voter turnout ­ They have higher income ­ People with higher income turn out more frequently as well  ­ The older you get, the more dependent you become on government (older  generations have more at stake ­ therefore, their turnout is higher)  Race ­ African Americans
­ The Latino population is considered the “sleeping giant” 
­ They make up a large level of the population but have low levels of  participation.  ­ They are the largest and fastest­growing minority group in America
­ Latino voter registration rates have been gradually increasing over the 
years.  Gender

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Political Science
Course: American National Government
Professor: Richard Cho
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Chapter 8 Week 9
Description: These notes cover what was discussed in class during week 9.
Uploaded: 10/19/2018
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