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UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 9

UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 9

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background image HIST 1700 Week 9 Notes Highlight = Key term
Highlight = Simple principle to remember
Highlight = Overarching concept to remember
After the War ­ Congressmen and leaders sought to unite both the North and South after the  war.  ­ They attempted to force nomadic indians to adopt sedentary customs  such as farming. ­ A major conflict that arose was that of deciding how rebellious southerners would be dealt with and how African Americans would be treated. ­ Many African Americans struggled after being freed to find ways to support  themselves ­ Some ventured across the country in search of family members who had  been separated from them years ago. ­ The Reconstruction Era ­ The time after the civil war in which many argued on the meaning of  equality for men, women, African Americans, and Indians.  Northern Opinions vs. Southern Opinions ­ Many southerners believed that freed blacks didn’t deserve equalities and were  only good for agricultural purposes.  ­ Similarly, in the North many people believed that blacks belonged on their  master’s plantations.  ­ Social Equality ­ The belief that blacks and whites could become good friends and live  among one another with equal social status. 

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Art History
Course: American Civilization
Professor: Michael Weeks
Term: Fall 2018
Name: HIST 1700 Week 9
Description: These notes cover topics discussed this week.
Uploaded: 10/19/2018
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