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Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 8

Tulane - ASTJ - Class Notes - Week 8

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School: Tulane University
Department: uncategorized
Course: Beginning Japanese I
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Chinese Reading and Japanese Reading
Name: ASTJ1010 Week 8 class notes
Description: We started to learn Lesson 4 this week. The professor mentioned two different readings of numbers: Chinese Reading and Japanese Reading.音読み、訓読み
Uploaded: 10/21/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Frequency adverb e.g. $ tilt 5-6- & ZEF. $ xo'} # $ (negative ending th tih 10/15/2018 Textbook Pico lo Questions library LEN DANK Zrt - uy & Lane Who often do sports? T h ("125" } IDS 5 L*605331. 2. {"? nohtkile HDP E la Dih zanatul27.Yo 14 733131<< ? , \$Vi hitt. Alin # x"} urviz X? people uc I person P300 A 2 650 2. 180c 3, 714000 4.123.000 Bilet 1 Zapat F 3. = kt-18 4. T UT 5 t tot 76.25 TEGA 7th 8. EE=TE 93tta HR Plez gramartical DN # 3 subject - Jeny 25 179n3 no-animy there be liveing things Tocht Placel le thing toi) Et, person, dog, etc Ding to te z?/22/E can be actual place AV FR Past- tense past tense affirmative negative E27 $ th E ELE Exth LEne Erika Kt 5 LKsILE TERK . 3. 1127L x 2x E When 4.75 ) E LE I Die KS Zato - TE LET. 5. Ly 2 vk x260V, BET NO 3-1-} T. Weekend 6. Jet Tiros tikt no virpotten. 7 X <h kinh t la EE LEHRG 3h 16" 27t- L 7. 10 8. Elibah teh l 2 372 ET D' Ell kinh Ly 3 6155 ("2" 3 72E to Normally, we don't use to after 343. 10/16/2018 Mistakes in homework Btellt K E LE Dik zi ni EET. destination to Chinese Reading the 2 Japanese Reading <h kn 'rth 1972 -Vu of La lux (>) 1.)it247 I 13" N / 34 Japanese Reading is used in twod-ordering, Chinese Recueling is used for counting with different counters daolen

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