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Georgia Tech - CHE 3200 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > Georgia Tech - CHE 3200 - Class Notes - Week 9

Georgia Tech - CHE 3200 - Class Notes - Week 9

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School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: Transport Processes I
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: HeadLoss, FrictionFactor, PackedBeds, Fluidized, beds, and filtration
Name: Transport II Week 9 Notes
Description: This week we talked about Head loss, Friction factors, Turbulent vs Laminar Flow and the relationship between these three things. We also discussed Packed Beds and Fluidized Beds. We ended the week talking about filtration.
Uploaded: 10/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Tues Oct 16 Turbulentus. Lamitar Flow Laminar : Friction Facito (f ) depends on Re suly! F ree Fully Turbulent: Friction Factor () depends on roughness only! Turbulent. f depends on both Red roughness see Moody Plots 40. (2.29 - heil 1* plot (Re%) find els through setend plet water e DF fos tirough 6" cash-irom pipe Vove: 4 f?s L:12L ft what is h? fidelp = 0.0019 calculate Re >> VAD Y 14000 (twibrules !) & fine fp => plot: 0.006 Ex2 commercial steel pipe Water @ 4.4 C flows through 305 Desired flow roke : Q:946XICAS ( 15e gelmia Available nood of water: Cin (puary of grovity) what site should the pipe ke? look up: Potin 1,55X10 Pais 4.bxem velocity velocity vs vs . 0.0120M mys DE - dimem Siesales's roughness : : 4. lexikon s head iussite: 2 seg 12-01204 anys) 5 = 6.1 mm DS-1,474 * *m forProblem: both and ff unknown! .buess value for D velocity #ins (reasonable creer of magnitude) R: 2.01 temas Ollo Re: le 7.1210", 0.00042 Moodly Plat :ff: 0,0653 Substitute ff 0.0053 in haequation D: 0.6949 ) V=1,334 mis Re: $.2*10* 0.00045 Substitute f o.10525 in hiem > Mondy Plet: 10.06-525 => 2:0,0947 very clese (within 1%) 0:0.0943m-9,5cm Faction friction comes from more than just pipes! exponical contraction ??, headloss due to fitings: hak. of he: 2free , where Lede is the equivalent pipe length withe same friction less k. Ley listed is toble 14.1 in 2 tebe 2.10. in handout IntitetEhe Contraction / opws Valves wi :0.55(1-3ye Mes ene= (1-7) always based on the higher velocity * . Special cases: A, -Ag - Kcenk o 4,7A (tarkide) => cod 0.55 ; 4.>>A (pipe lank) kemp !For non circular conduits sill-defined but... ... We can define the equivalent diameter Du Hat allows us to use our equations for Re, het Den 4. eross-sectional area of flow wetted perimeter Examples: Retangular pipe Zana parce and to Rectangular channel filed up to level H aZH Lencentrie pipes to (10) D.D. :D... Circular pipe ID Dee - 4 - Ov Why is head loss useful? in terms of poescure drop (or it describes viscous loss of energy rather the equivalent tuss et poiestiel energy ghi - Macroscopic energy bulcince: secara se te stel 192-4-ai dhe i fus e(t +9zru]av Beribert, Pet no accumulation steadly stabel Zout, Aart Min, via, Pin 1:0 (frictional loss in ut Zn An L = e inen Stange of p[4.97*k . ] 18.-1)dA - -Hinwindink en gooi ouim "Parthen there in the gemeente Mass balance. Pro Vin Aim - Poud Vort Aout sa > Men Shoes in fuae in s glad-zin) offerte Pac) + (Heve - Hin] - We can incorperate viscous tosses in the energy balance by using the comcept of head loss ! Pout

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