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TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 4

Created by: Kaylynne Moskal Elite Notetaker

> > > > TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 4

TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: Texas Tech University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Art Appreciation
Professor: Kate Peaslee
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Art appreciation notes
Description: Notes over chapter 9: painting
Uploaded: 10/28/2018
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Unformatted text preview: VDO Friday, September 28, 2018 Li Lang, the poet, Li Bo walking and chanting a poem. 1200 Ink on paper Drawing very old There is no back drop de A Study Soul Henri Marisse, Venus. 1952. Paper Collage on canvas Cut the blue paper to create shape Artist was diagnosed and cant hold paintbrush. pen so calls this "drawing with scissors" Abstract art phiqqa to b Henri Matisse, Women seated in an arm chair. 1942 Use of contour line to suggest volume in space Contour line to show her weight and pattern of skirt o 20 . Henri Matisse Icarus, from Jazz1943-7 dmods wont bliad TWO Use of cut out paper to create collage Abstract Legs and arms are pointed downwards own Xetrag stars roiniw nogu soshua thogaus Whitfield Lovell, whispers from the walls, 1999. Use los 20 S Use of mixed media installation Teboid bris Charcoal Drawings on the walls of the installation, based on the actual photographs of African Americans from the 1920s Creates physical form of idea if walls could talk" since the art work is old and there are actual people on the walls Full of senses, he creates a pause in space with voice recordings of 1920s talking, as well as smell the old antique furniture Delson of brid s as boy w obozu - onum o to color viongo . Yo no boulonoiden Soolel om so obou sw to do SOLOFriday, September 28, 2018 1009 BrOS sS tednotgoe. vn DOSmoog a princo brow blo even vad goib london lo Chapter 9: Painting e no esilo rog saraunov,stai 3 109 gulden Study Soup Wall Painting with horses, Chavvet Cave, France. 30,000 BC Consibwana Bolo . Made 32,000 years ago ho to Many horse heads over lapping Use of highlight to create a 3-D looks nsn botsee nontow. s o om 350 nmulovleegoua olan onoo to sa Banksy Rage, The Flower Thrower. 2005. Bethlehem wore of oni Use of spray paint Looks as if he would throw a bomb or something destructive, but he's just throwing flowers! egalios et ole tuo tuo to sell. Vocab: abuswnwob botn og ensams bis 2003 Support: a surface upon which artists paint (ex: canvas, wall) Ground: a coating applied to a support to prepare it for painting, and to even out the support nousi sani siber baxim to su Paint is composed of pigment and binder Isor Pigment: powered colors, traditionally organic like flowers, dirt, to its synthetic A to Bindersubstance that holds pigment together alls sabi to mot solsyria else ellow art no siqoeg utos en Mummy Portrait of a man, Faiyum, Egypt. 160-70 BC to o oupin blog Encaustic used: hot wax used as a binder to create detail Made to preserve the look of the mummy Reflection captured on eyes Highlight, light was used to create a more life like look! .Friday, September 28, 2018 Soldevis Greece 1450-1375 BC . Bull Leapers, from palace of Knossos, Crete, SDP Fresco used: painted onto wet, pigment water, long lasting, permanent Artist uses light to represent women and dark colors to represent men Demo COM Giotto, Lamentation. 1305 Obhawa Use of fresco Painted many fresco painting in the Arena Chapel Use of implied line: bemus cono - line of sight of the oedipal - Arms pointing towards Christ am ti vonotebou bags - Land surface closing in on him Use of Giormata: from an Italian word meaning "a days work" the area a fresco paint is able to complete in a days work. You can see where they finished by the different colors vso no lo lo sa to noio ni slugog.grins Era Andrea Pozzo, The Glorification of st. Ignatius 1941-44 Use of Fresco Ytbol erinomo Located in Nave of Sant' Ignazio, Rome hago and to The air work is an illusion of the roof being lighter than it actually is and making it look as if its leading into the heavens. re Use of linear perspective

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